For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mylove On 2011.05.03 01:19
Now this is thinking outside the box! Has anyone seen this article?

How many times have we complained that the appointments don't represent our loved ones in a fair manner? How better, than to see them interacting in situations? I think it's promising.

By parkinit On 2011.05.03 12:27
I wish we could send "updates" to our doctors (does anyone have a doctor who will accept what I'm about to propose??) via a short video clip showing instability, imbalance, mood swings, aggression, the porn issues, lack of insight or good reasoning, etc., rather than having to talk about it all the time and then having the doctor never witness these issues or to have the PWP deny them...

Again, does anyone have a doctor who is this progressive where they allow updates via video clips?

By Pearly4 On 2011.05.03 13:04
I've borrowed and used a video camera and taken it with us to the appointment in the past. And some cell phones will record a short video. Was very helpful in showing my mother's doctor what her mobility was REALLY like - (I filmed when she didn't know it for some but while she knew I was filming at other times.)

By Lotsapies On 2011.05.03 14:22
My wife has taken a couple videos of me when I am in another world. She is going to put them on a disk and we will take them with us to my next VA neuro visit in Sacramento on May 9th.

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