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By marie On 2011.05.19 13:31 [Edit]
Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone had an opinion on the u-step walker rather than a rollator. Thanks

By susger8 On 2011.05.19 15:39
The U-Step has a lot of good features -- the best one probably being that it is very stable and hard to tip over. It also turns in a very tight circle which is very helpful for small spaces. Also, if you let go of the handles it applies the brakes, a good safety feature. Downsides: Expense, although Medicare/insurance pays for most of the cost, and weight. It is quite heavy and not terribly easy to fold to put in a car trunk, and it's not easy for the person using it to move it up or down steps as you can do with a walker or rollator.

By the time I found out about it and got one for my dad, he was about at the end of the point where he could walk any distance, so he hasn't gotten so much use out of it. I wish I had gotten one earlier.


By parkinit On 2011.05.20 15:16
They are recommended by many neurologists because of the red light that acts as a cue to assist PWP in walking as well as more wheels forming a more stable foundation. As mentioned above, the brake feature is reverse of the standard walkers in that you have to engage the brake. With the U-Step, you have to engage the handles to begin walking, which is an excellent safety feature. We have requested one through the VA and have been told it was approved.

Otherwise, yes, you can get medicare to pay for some of the expense (about 6x the cost of the rollator).

By overwhelmedinFL On 2011.06.03 09:25
My mom tried a rollator first..but woudl not pull the brakes to stop if she was falling

Then we bought her a ustep

With the ustep you would think if falling she woudl let go of the hand things and it woudl stop...but NO...She held onto the handles for dear the ustep kept going and she fell anyway.

My mom obvisouly has a cognitive disconnect it might work fine for you.

I did not have the red beam but I can see where that would help with freezing.

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