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By loola On 2011.05.25 09:59
Hello Forum,

I would like to tell you about something very mysterious that just happened in our lives.
Two weeks ago, when I came home, there was a beautiful, but dirty little all white kitty up the stoop right in front of my door. I have never seen the cat in our neighborhood before. She was a little timid and pressed herself between the hand rail and wall while looking at me and making some cat sounds. I love animals but I suffer from allergies so I told her that I couldn't keep her. She seemed domesticated and wore a flee collar. I went inside the house, but couldn't help it to check on the cat 15 minutes later. She was still there. I called 311. Meanwhile the cat jumped down into our front yard. She wouldn't leave there either. Animal control came by, picked her up and said that the cat looked healthy and that they couldn't do anything due to budget cuts. They recommended to take it to the shelter. I felt obligated to help because it looked to me as if asking me for help and out of all places it came to our house.
I called my PDbf who was also amazed at the whole thing when he came home. The cat came to the front gate, stood up on its back legs and tried to get through the closed gate. Then it jumped up the outside of the window and sat behind the bars for almost two hours while we were preparing a box to take it to the shelter. The box was see through and I couldn't believe that the cat didn't resist at all when my bf picked her up and put her inside.
I already had a name for her - SNOWFLAKE.
A neighbor came by and suggested I look up the symbolic meaning of a white cat coming to you...I will get to that later...

The cat was incredibly calm when we took her on the bus. She looked around and got people's attention because she looks very cool and cute. We had to drop her off at the shelter and leave immediately because I felt my allergies coming on that high pollen flight day in combination with all the pet irritants.

My bf went back the next day to fill out the paperwork. They called the cat 'Buster' and asked if he wanted to adopt her. I asked him not to because of my allergies. I felt that I did what I could to help the cat. A week went by and we tried to forget about the cat, which was kind of hard :)
We had a misunderstanding about something and didn't see each other for a few days. Last night I called my boyfriend and he told me he just adopted Snowflake. He said that they called him and asked him because they were about to put her to sleep and no one adopted her because she had a little cold and was put in a different room with the sick cats. They were treating the cold but her time was up. This almost broke my heart. He didn't get her yet, just paid for everything and is supposed to pick her up today. We talked and decided that it's the right thing to do to safe Snowflake. She will be great company to him and since I live upstairs in a separate apartment, I can keep it allergen free. I hope it's going to work out, but I couldn't bare the idea to be somewhat responsible for Snowflakes end of life. This way I feel that I can still personally find another home for her should things not work out, be it that my PDbf couldn't take care of it or due to allergies.

Back to the symbolism about white cats appearing or finding you. Here are some interesting folklore beliefs and mythology.

Then came the point when King Osorkon of the twenty second dynasty placed the white cat in the center of a magnificient temple and ritually endowed it with supreme power. From then on, the cat was fully acknowledged to be divine.
The eternal and infinite power of the cat goddess was believed to be that of the sun, moon, and earth.

For the Egyptians, the shrine within the temple would reveal an awe-inspiring image of a white cat deity. Its beauty was enhanced by jewels and gold which its worshippers had adorned it. It would be attended by priests and priestesses and would probably be surrounded by sacred cats.

In cat lore white cats are a symbol of light and good.

Japanese Maneki Neko: White Cat
purity, positive things to come.

In America it is considered lucky if a white cat crosses your path.

Dreaming of a white cat talking to you is sign of a new baby.

To dream of a white cat is considered a fortuitous omen, a portent of glad tidings, creativity and a contented spritual life.

To kill a white cat leaves your soul to the devil.

A white cat is often considered an angel, say hello and they will watch over you.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: The white cat goddess was a healer and a nurse. She destroyed poison, counteracted irritation and strengthened people's powers of recuperation.

Could it be that Snowflake is a healer or a divine angel in a cat's body who came to provide company and healing to us?
Snowflake already taught me a lesson or better confirmed what I already knew. It's best to go through life with a trusting heart and accepting all as it comes without worry. She had every reason to be scared and to freak out, but she was as calm, trusting and courageous as can be and in the end it all worked out for her.

Love, Loola

By karolinakitty On 2011.05.25 19:36
How Awesome....
some animals sense the need of folks to be healed. There are gifted dogs and cats that aide in healing. Our dog is one of those. She knows right where my guy's pain is and starts licking in those spots. head forearm, legs she goes to it. I had a nasty cut on my arm, when i took off the bandage to let it air....she so much wanted to get to it. It was still tender, and i wouldn't let her but when i did it healed very nicely.
She can get a little empathic. Lately she will lick where he hurts or the tremors are the worse, and the next thing you know, her jaw starts tremors.
This cat could also be a great mental healing aide for your guy. Someone to be there when no one else can, something he can talk to about anything on his mind...... Hope they enjoy a great life together... sounds like it's just what he needed....

By loola On 2011.05.25 23:21
Your dog is amazing. I truly believe the cat picked her new home. He just brought her home and she behaves as if she has always been there and he is so happy. Snowflake is already working her magic. She just has a little cold from the shelter that we have to take care of. Other than that she figured out her food, litter box and her chair/bed right away. She stretches all of her paws when one pets her on the belly. She moves around as though she floats. Almost other wordly. :)

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