For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LotsaBob On 2011.05.25 18:54
Question. Does a persons breathing get worse while taking "Requip?"It seems that I am having a harder time breathing since I started taking it.

By mylove On 2011.05.25 21:08
Bob - breathing isn't something to take lightly as far as I'm concerned. I just looked up the side effects of Requip, and difficulty breathing/short of breath is one of the SEVERE side effects that they recommend you get immediate assistance for.

We have never had a problem with breathing with Requip. However, it sounds like you may have an allergy or sensitivity to it, and I would suggest you call your doc or go see a walk in clinic right away, at least just to get checked out.

Again, breathing is not something to mess around with.

By karolinakitty On 2011.05.25 21:38
Wish I could help guy has copd so we can't really tell if the breathing is worse and he's been on requip for over 2 years....
But it is one of the "alert" signs so i would get it checked......

By LotsaBob On 2011.05.25 22:45
I have to admit that I have COPD too. The breathing thing really gets bad when I am doing something physical like raking and weedeating. I have stop and get to my chair as fast as I can, which is a chore in itself and do some huffing and puffing.

By parkinit On 2011.05.28 22:18
We have breathing issues at times for unknown reasons other than possibly the diaphragm muscle is not operating properly all the time. All the other tests have been run for heart, lung issues and nothing could be found. We don't take Requip.

By plcpainter On 2011.05.30 00:24
My husband who is the PWP, is not on Requip but experiences issues with breathing. The chest muscles "lock up" and he pants and breathes really hard. It sounds scary and does cause him some anxiety but he never feels like he isn't getting enough oxygen, put just panting like he'd done a fast sprint. We have had EKG's on his heart and evaluated his oxygen levels and all are fine. His neurologist feels it is the PD causing his chest muscles to freeze up.

By HappyPuppy On 2011.05.31 13:09
I have wondered about this - or if the PD causes it. My dad seems to labor to breathe at times and even sort of sounds like he wheezes. But the Doc says all 'sounds' good - I've asked him twice.... Dad has been off Requip tho for about 2 months now and is on Sinemet. It seems like he's exerted himself sometimes when he's breathing but no exertion has occurred and he has no history of asthma or copd. He is also overweight, so I have further wondered if it is just that.

By rmshea On 2011.06.06 15:26
I've wondered about the breathing--MIL is not overweight at all, but she pants, even while just sitting. When you draw her attention to it, she says Oh really? so she must not notice it. She won't take her meds on time, refuses help although I have part time non med caregiver in. She's been doing this panting thing for a very long time--even before diagnosis of PD. I first noticed it after her heart surgery 10 yrs ago. When I mentioned it to doctors, she'll stop doing that and nothing has been detected on any exams.

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.06.06 16:31
As has been said many times Parkinson's Disease does effect every function of our bodies including autonomic one's like breathing. If our lungs aren't receiving correct signals they can't expand and contract "normally", if signals are garbled our diaphragm won't function correctly. Unfortunately many Medical professionals out there don't recognize this! There are many that don't recognize another pet peeve some of Us have pain. There is no pain with Parkinson's, but that's fodder for a different rant.

With Parkinson's Disease it becomes a classic not seeing the forest for the trees! Parkinson's Disease causes Us problems with our thought process, our breathing, our blood pressure, our heart rate, our balance, joints, muscles our whole body. This is where the medical community is severely lacking!

Yes there has sprung up a community of Neurologists who choose to treat and specialize in "movement disorders". However there are to my knowledge no specialists in effects of diseases of movement as a whole. Meaning not only how they interfere with movement but also the whole body. So We patients are stuck dragging or being dragged by our caregivers from one doctor to another, specialists in urology, cardiology, pulmonary, joint disease, OCD, psychologists and or psychiatrists, the whole spectrum of these studies.

In a sensible world, in a enlightened society as we claim to live in this would be the product of the evolution of "The science of Medicine". But then what does our evolved art of medicine do? We're still in the stage of looking at humors to diagnose ailments like they did 1000's of years ago. Don't believe me? Don't feel? Go to the doctors and what do they want you to do? Pee in a cup and draw blood! Same as 1000's of years ago. I've often wondered about this I guess they can LOOK closer at it now?

I don't know the answers I wish I did. One thing I do know is frustration, the frustration of living with this disease. The frustration and bewilderment expressed daily by caregiver and patient alike. Not knowing what to expect from the disease or medication. Not being listened to. What makes some Doctors think they know all about this? Is it because they've studied it? We live it, We live with side effects the Doctors don't.

I guess this post came from watching Awakenings yesterday on TV. One scene really struck me this time. The scene was when the patients were going for an outing. One gent was examining the bus tire. A nurse bent over, put her hand on his shoulder and said that's a tire Mr so-n-so, as he stood he said I know it's a tire, I'm not an idiot! She just patted his shoulder as if he was an idiot. Too anyone listening, to the "professionals" out there, We're not idiots! We have still a lot more to teach you! More than at times it seems you're willing to learn! As I said I don't know all the answers, I do know things need fixing and until the medical field as a whole starts listening to it's patients, it will continue to be severely lacking in the ability to treat and cure these same patients.

I'm not saying P.D. is responsible for everything happening just it must be considered as being among the causes of what's going on. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

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