For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By dkleinert On 2011.05.28 00:40
My pd husband fell last Nov off of our front porch - four brick steps down to the ground. I was at work, and he had to lay there for a long time in so much pain - landed on his right side on the ground and broke his shoulder and right arm - a very bad break. We got thru that with lots of narcotics and time. But since, he has been talking about how dizzy and disoriented he has been. Notices it when he looks down - everything swims - also his gait is more swaying now and he feels uneasy with his balance. We have been to our Neuro and also ENT at Duke, CT Scan, dizziness testing (2 hours worth), and everything comes out OK - normal. So now what to do. What do you think? He was not like this before the fall. His vision is off also now. We are seeing his eye doc in about 3 weeks, but he is not sure it is his eyes. Is this a further step into Stage 4 PD? I checked back thru the older posts for "dizziness", and didn't find much. I would love your thoughts dear friends.

Sorry I am rarely on the site - working 40+ hours a week since August spending all other time getting the property ready to sell so we can downsize and move, and going to doc appts, etc. every week - you know what I mean.....just no time to do anything else - exhausted all the time. I miss participating here - miss all of you. Love to you all. Donna in NC

By Myst On 2011.05.28 02:00
My dad has had several episodes of feeling dizzy and lightheaded and/or disoriented. He has fallen several times and sometimes it seems like a low blood pressure issue. He also tends to obsessively talk about certain things, perhaps they way your husband has. I don't know what causes all this, but I just wanted you to know that another PD patient has had similar issues. Best of luck for your husband.

By karolinakitty On 2011.05.28 08:58
Donna... we just went through this dizziness thing with the movement doc....

He says it could be inner ear troubles....My guy has the looking downward, but also if he turns to his left or right too fast. Like when someone says...HEY if he looks too fast he almost ends up on the ground.
Also...the doc mentioned that in PD folks, of course the signals get crossed, things slow down etc..... the eye movement can slow down or speed up and cause you to look too fast too slow causing blurred vision and possible dizziness...
He asked what kind of dizzy? Is it fall on the ground, swimming in place...that is how he determined ours was inner ear...
If it isn't the eyes...check with your primary as it may be something inner ear..

ps....he is also having vision problems, blurred..sometimes can't see at all....however, he also has the issue of the eyelids closing and this adds to the vision problem

By dkleinert On 2011.05.28 10:35
karolinakitty - I wish it was inner ear problems. We have had 3 visits with the Duke ENT, and several tests, and they determined it is not inner ear - I was so hoping it was something they could help, but nothing like that. The info about eye movement is interesting - could be that. Just frustrating for my PD husband, and adds to more things he can find to give up on himself about.....I so appreciate all of your notes and info...I am at a loss this time. Also, he has blurred vision and we went to the Opthamologist and he had to have prisms put in his glasses to be able to read. His muscles don't focus well at near any more - they split - the doc says it is PD. So maybe this is further PD problems - I just thought it strange it happened after the fall.

By HappyPuppy On 2011.05.31 13:04
I'm a total newbie here but others have described an increase/progression of PD symptoms following a traumatic experience.... My Dad recently mentioned having double vision but I half-thought it was because he was looking at a very busy-patterned carpet while pushing himself in his wheelchair.... He's due for an eye exam soon anyway, so I'll see if they find anything.

By susger8 On 2011.05.31 16:32
My dad had to have prisms in his prescription too, at a pretty early stage of PD, so I guess that is related. PWPs also seem to have more trouble with glaucoma, so it's a good idea to have that checked regularly.


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