For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Myst On 2011.05.28 02:14
My PD dad was admitted to the hospital 3 days ago. He fell in the house and didn't have the strength to get up so that paramedics came to help him.

His pill regimen has been off, and he has recently gotten obsessed with doing online research about Parkinson's medications. In the past, he would take his pills at the wrong time, or he'd drop them and couldn't take them. Now at the hospital, he has refused to take all of his pills. We can't understand what he's saying very well, but we think he has some fear of one or more of the medications harming him.

Now that he has refused to take them for a few days, he is hallucinating a bit and imagining things happening that aren't, or imagining people who aren't there. He also has a tendency to think about the worst case scenario and fixate on that and it seems like he's going that now.

I feel like the hospital staff is not doing their job. He has to take his medications, it is dangerous to quit cold turkey like that. He also hasn't eaten some of his meals and has a problem with losing too much weight. What can I do here? I'm so frustrated by the staff; shouldn't they find a way to make him take the pills so he can think clearly and get his muscle strength and control back? I don't know what to do.

By parkinit On 2011.05.28 09:05
Especially if your dad is not getting enough sleep in the hospital (who does?), he could be developing a psychosis. Please mention this to his doctor and how to best proceed and handle it. I speak from experience with this. :) You need to mention that the staff is not doling out pills on time and ensuring they are taken. This is the #1 complaint I hear when our PDers go into the hospitals - that nurses don't understand the importance of PDers taking their pills at given times. Insist this, demand this, complain to whomever, but this has got to stop!

By susger8 On 2011.05.28 09:08
Simply being in an unfamiliar environment can cause confusion and even delusions/hallucinations -- that happened to my father several times. I don't know how to get someone to take their meds if they keep refusing to cooperate, though.


By LOHENGR1N On 2011.05.28 09:43
This brings up a very important issue! When the Patients Doctor writes out medication dosing We have to be sure that the instructions are specific. Stress this to his doctor! If a dosing of four times a daily is written then the hospital will interpret it as every six hours. If it is a medication that is being taken every four hours at home, We will have problems. If the Doctor doesn't make clear the dosing it doesn't matter much what you say. They're the hospital and you're not a doctor practicing medicine at their facility so they know and you don't! Or to put it bluntly....24 divided by 4 equals 6, their ass is covered legally, they don't care about anything else.

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