For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jhsd On 2011.06.06 07:09
Does anyone have any experience with the Theracycle. My husband has finally come to the realization that he needs to start exercising. He's talking about getting a tricycle for outdoor riding but with our long winters I think we'll need something for indoors too. If anyone has a used theracycle i'm definitely interested.

By HappyPuppy On 2011.06.15 19:51
Well, I was hoping to see some responses before I posted here....

I don't have any personal experience (yet) - (my Dad was diagnosed with PD but Sinemet isn't working, so we're not quite yet 'sure' what it is). At a PD support group meeting recently, the speaker was a rep from MotoMed (the more expensive equivalent - maybe even more exotic features). It seemed like a GREAT idea tho I'd rather my dad pedal himself on a recumbent bike) - but the 90 sustained rpm level that these machines offer are what the tests are apparently showing as stimulating, measurable and lasting results. I also then phoned Theracycle for a price and use comparison. The former was around $3K and the latter around $2K....

At this point, for us personally, I am going to start out with a $169.00 cheapie that I saw in a catalog:

--- I also saw a different one in the SkyMall catalog for around $139 (hmm - I was remembering it to be more expensive) : (< this one says you can still pedal it manually but I'm not certain on the one above)

HOWEVER, contrary to the published optimum test results, these smaller/cheaper units do not reach the 90 rmp range, only 60... But since my Dad resists exercise in general, I am going to start out with a less expensive 'investment' and consider upgrading if we can get into using it regularly.

By lurkingforacure On 2011.06.15 21:00
Not to poo-poo this, but any exercise is good. If your loved one likes to bike, great. If they wanna dance, go for it. Some box, others swim, rowing, aerobics, I think whatever he or she can and wants to do that helps them keep moving, go for it.

By sannph On 2011.06.15 22:05
My husband uses one of the cycles that you pedal while seated in your chair. We try to use it at least 20 minutes every evening; it really seems to help the following morning go better. He also uses it throughout the day, like if he's sitting in his chair to watch TV. We like it and feel that it was a great buy for us.

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