For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By buffsrich On 2011.06.07 15:36
What are the first signs of Parkinsons? Hopefully someone can remember what they are. Is it tinglingling in the arms and unable to "focus" on people and a general feeling of "i don't care about anything"?

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.06.08 15:30
buffsrich, The first signs of P.D. can be very vague. Most of the time what sends one to the doctor is a feeling of something's wrong. That is what I remember as the first sign of this disease, the feeling something isn't right. Then recalling way back in time here, trips to other doctors ....... joint pain sends Us to be checked for arthritis. X-rays, cat scans, tests. Checks for pinched nerves, etc, until enough symptoms surface for a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. A poverty of movement or slowness of movement, soft speech, tremor developed. If you haven't yet look up the Parkinson's Org's online and read about it's onset there, they have some good information on site. Being posted here on the young onset board I'll also suggest going to the American Parkinson's Disease Association site. Once there look for their young onset link (I believe it's the Arlette Johnson center?) They will be able to steer you to some valuable info and guidance concerning this disease in early or "prime" of life. I hope this helps. Keep posting and asking, We'll try to help you any way We can, Take care, best of luck and hang in there!

By lvmymom On 2011.07.04 19:13
My mother's first signs...
My mother was a very good golfer and her first signs were that she could not hit the ball as far ... she thought she was swinging differently. She took lessons and was so diappointed in her lack of strength. Then it seems like she couldn't walk the course as easily so she finally bought a cart ... although she had always felt the people should walk the courses they played, like pros, and for their health. Then her balance - not dizzy, just kind of falling into walls a bit as she walked, etc. Those were her first signs, but everyone is so different.... Eventually not being about to walk backward, or to balance on toes or heels, and after falling pretty often they figured P.D.

By sunshine On 2011.10.18 20:48
My husband's first sign was a very slight tremor in his little finger on his left side. He was already on antidepressants for depression and as his Parkinson's progressed the symptoms travelled down his left side, his arm didn't swing when he walked, and he fatigued very quickly. His writing became more illegible. He was, even with the diagnosis, still intact personality wise but as time went on and he began to progress more his personality began to change. We have a son in his 40's and we are suspicious that perhaps he has the beginning stages of Parkinsons. He has seen a neurologist a little while ago and nothing definitive was found and now I believe that he is going back in a year or so. Hope this is a little helpful. Take good care. :) You are not alone on this journey. Reaching out to members on this amazing forum is invaluable to answering questions and having support. Way to to go.

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