For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By abp0822 On 2011.06.07 15:58
My dad (75, dx 10 yrs) has been falling out of bed more and more. No injuries but has a great deal of trouble getting back in and my mother, his primary caregiver can't lift him of course.

This morning at 4AM she had to call the EMTs to get him back in bed. He has a bleeding disorder so this also risks a bad bleed if it continues.

The bed can't be too low as he can't get in/out.

Any tips?

By pattiann On 2011.06.07 17:34
Hi - I'm fairly new to the Forum but if there's an answer to any question, you'll find it here! I bought railings for my grandchildren (Target, I think) that fit between the matress and box springs - worked great for them. I think they're also available for adults through health supply stores. Until you find a better solution, maybe you could just push the bed against the wall?

By parkinit On 2011.06.07 21:08
We haven't had problems with falling out of bed, but we have a bed rail to help him get in and out of bed, which would also help him stay in bed!

By sunshine On 2011.06.07 23:24
My husband also had challenges with falling out of bed and we purchased 2 bed rails that fit between mattress and box spring. They do keep him in bed and he can also use them to help him get in and out of bed at night when he has to get up to the bathroom.
Something to note here though - with the thicker mattresses, with pillow tops, there is a bed rail that is slightly higher available. We are in twin beds now and these rails work very well for my husband. One on each side. They are placed high enough to enable him to get in and out of bed himself but not so low that he can't get out of bed. About shoulder height and down. I find now that I am not so restless keeping an eye on him and I get a little better relaxed sleep. Hope this will be helpful.

By caregivermary On 2011.06.08 09:19
A hospital bed could be a good choice in this situation. Medicare will pay a large portion of the monthly rental with a Dr. rx. It comes with a control to raise and lower the bed usually three ways. It also comes with two rails.

This may seem like a drastic move but I can personally say it kept my husb in bed and more importantly, safe.

By lvmymom On 2011.06.12 21:28
Put the mattress on the floor. My dad broke his hip and kept getting out of bed and even wiggling down to get out around the railing ... so they finally put the mattress on the floor. It is simple and it works.

By abp0822 On 2011.06.16 16:14
Thanks all. Right now she's got chairs up against the bed to act a bit like railings and they seem to be helping. She's probably going to buy bedrails. I found some decent ones online.

Putting the mattress on the floor isn't an option as he is unable to get up from that low.

By abp0822 On 2011.06.16 16:16
Right now he refuses to consider a hospital bed but in the end my mother (his caregiver) will decide what will keep him safe and put her foot down.

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