For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By HerDaughter On 2011.06.09 07:08
I've been back in my mom's home since the end of January but I don't think I can stay here anymore. It's not just the OCD of peeling apart the house or the need to have the tv on 24 hours a day or even the fact that she spends hours on the floor picking up lint and dust usually by my feet. What I can't take is that she is stubborn and will stay on the floor until 4am to the point where is either shaking uncontrollably or now recently she starts have breathing problems. What she does for this breath issue is scream at the top of her lungs for 30 or so minutes. Doesn't matter what I do. Screaming every day, several times a night. She wakes me up, she wakes my daughter up.

She has had what seems like a million tests and they can't find what is wrong. I do believe that she has trouble breathing but what I don't believe is that she needs to scream like a banshee every night. I think it is psychological. And it's really screwing me up. That sounds makes me want to run and hide. For the past week since she wakes me up anyway after I help her back to bed I leave and take a bike ride for an hour. It feels good but the moment I walk back into the house I feel like turning around and leaving again. I'm always tired at work.

I know there are no real answers, I guess I just needed to rant a little. Thanks for listening.

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