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By lurkingforacure On 2011.06.09 08:13
Many in the PD world have long recognized the link between the gut and PD. Here's an article about a guy who had PD, took antibiotics for constipation, and the PD disappeared. His gastro doc gave him a longer script just to see what would happen, and the PD disappeared again for the duration of the script! This ties in with the stories we;ve all heard of PWP who took antibiotics for this or that and their PD symptoms cleared up considerably...once the antibiotics were finished, though, the PD worsened. Why?

I used to think it was the anti-inflammatory action of the drug, now, however, it appears that the improvement may come from the drug's action on un-beneficial gut flora. We are looking at h. pylori and candida as culprits and they are nasty, very hard to get rid of, and the process of getting rid of them lengthy and unpleasant. Sounds just like PD! Just kidding.

But if you google the symptoms of a candida infection, they are remarkably similar to PD. We now know h. pylori actually uses levodopa to increase its colony size, so not only is the PWP not getting the full benefit of the levodopa, this bacteria is actually using it to grow stronger and make the PWP worse! The gut is key.

Google candida and h. pylori to see the various ways there are to get rid of these gut pests. You can take antibiotics, but the success rate is not good, and they wreck your good gut bacteria in the process. We are going to try apple cider vinegar (the only vinegar you can use when trying to get rid of candida), green tea, cinammon (a natural anti-fungal, who knew?), curcumin (in curry, be sure to take with bioperine to increase absorption), and coconut oil. The diets for both of these are obvious: no sugar, no wheat, practically no grain, and mostly meats and veggies (excluding carrots, potatoes, and peas), etc., and lots and lots of kefir and yogurt to build up the good bacteria in the gut. There is something called a "die-off" when the colony starts to finally die and the that can be unpleasant, causing acne, gas, bloating, etc., but it's temporary and means that what you are doing is working.

Here's the link:

By karolinakitty On 2011.06.09 21:24
we take an herbal supplement for Gastro Health that takes care of H-pylori it has some of the same ingredients plus clove flower,capsicum and Pau D'Arco root. Not only does it get rid of the H-pylori but it inhibits its future growth.

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