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By plcpainter On 2011.06.15 19:06
First a disclaimer: This post may feel a bit like a Twilight Zone episode!

My husband with PD has been waking up the past few nights certain that he is going to die soon. He is very worried about what is going to happen to me, and if all of his affairs are in order (they are). The dying part doesn't seem as bit a concern as the "being ready to die" part. Even in the bright of day he carries this conviction that his time is short.

The man is experiencing dementia but is still fairly ambulatory -- a pretty classic Stage 4 PDer. Some troubles with freezing, lots of issues with dressing/undressing, incontinence, etc. but nothing to make one think he is near death.

Do people have premonitions of their death? Is something else going on with him that subconsciously he knows is awry? He sees lots of people who I do not see. I'm almost beginning to wonder if these are angels or guardians. Maybe I'm the one who is beginning to become a bit of a nut case here! Honestly, I sometimes wonder!!

This is a very odd (and slightly embarrassing post) but this forum is so open and helpful that I thought I'd ask. Thanks.

By caregivermary On 2011.06.15 20:28
This was very much the case for my husb when he was in stage 4. The episodes were very real to him but did trouble me a bit. He actually felt he was dying at the time. He also was visited often by his Mom & Dad. Seeing family members who have gone before him continues but the "I'm dying" has stopped.

A book "Final Gifts" is a good read. In the book stories are related by caregivers and patients who had similar experiences.

I felt during the episodes that my husb was experiencing something but I just didn't know exactly what it was. Sometimes I thought he was actually dying . It was quite an emotional roller coaster for me. My husb is in the final stages with dementia and although at times I know he knows his time is limited he doesn't state "I'm dying" like he did in the last two years. I would ask what his Mom wanted and sometimes he would tell me she wanted him to go fishing. Other times when I asked he would not answer.

I believe once you get to this stage there is so much that is not understood. The process of dying can be a very complicated and long for some people. Disengaging from the people you love is a difficult thing to do.

Your post is not odd and it does give me a chance to share what I am going through-hoping it will help others

By parkinit On 2011.06.16 05:57
I wonder, too, if this could be attached to a bit of psychosis or paranoia. My husband is stage 4 as well, has some hallucinations, but with med adjustments, these have abated - not entirely, but we no longer have 15 people in our bedroom throughout the day! I am seeing an increase in OCD, paranoia and anxiety over things that he never worried about in the past.

He's obsessed lately with ensuring his files are all in order. Two months ago I made all new file tabs for all his files. Now, he is putting those same files in binders and asking me to purchase all these binders and help him put them in order and make labels for them.

Back to your PWP. Are there other health issues that make him think he is dying? Does he mention rapid heart beats, shortness of breath, anything else? I would try to find out why he FEELS he is dying, what symptoms he has that would make him think this. Maybe you will discover a reason for his feeling he is dying.

I found this link at which you may find helpful:

By susger8 On 2011.06.16 08:07
My dad doesn't say he thinks he is dying, but maybe he does have a bit of an obsession with death. One of his frequent delusions is that a family member has died and he has to arrange a funeral.


By RhondaM On 2011.06.19 16:08
My dad was like that a lot in the last two years of his life. I think he thought he was dying when he entered a more difficult stage of PD which was in 2001, and he never got much better after that, but he didn't pass away until 2003. He was more sure he was dying in 2001 than he was in 2003. In fact, he probably had some of his best days, as far as attitude and contentment, in his final weeks of life.

I think that when they get to a point where life is just so difficult in every area, getting up and down, swallowing, cold and hot and unable to control their body temps, depressed, dementia, hallucinations, etc., they do begin to think about death a lot, and my dad also "visited" with relatives of his who had died long ago. I would talk to him about it sometimes to try and ease his anxiety, but I just remember that many times he went to bed saying he was going to die that very night.

My mom, who just passed away last summer with cancer, did not feel this way until the very end when she really was dying. After going through it with my dad years ago, I didn't really think she was, but within hours her body started shutting down.

By jockdoc On 2011.06.20 07:25
Dear picpainter, Barb knew it was her last, as did I. Sitting beside her in her bed she seemed to be seeings things around her But she did not talk to me about visions or such. I know she was in deep 4th stage. There are many books on dying and mentioned frequently is that the person sees members of their family who have passed years before. Many have appeared to be in the presence of a God like figure. I have no trouble believeing you. JockDoc

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