For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By marie On 2011.06.16 12:21 [Edit]
My husband is in stage 4 of Parkinson's, he is not on any meds for it. He also has CHF and is on lots of meds for that, the meds for parkinsons and heart disease just didn't work well together. He has just started calling out to me at night while he is sleeping, anyone else have this going on?

By susger8 On 2011.06.17 09:00
Yes, it's very common. My father does that. I think they have very vivid dreams that they sometimes react to as if they are real.

You might try melatonin before bedtime. Two 3-mg tablets helps my dad with nightmares and calling out. I think some people on this forum have used up to three tablets.


By LC On 2011.06.17 09:34
My husband started doing this before his diagnosis. Later we found out it was a symptom of PD. He is on meds now and it doesn't happen as frequently.

By marie On 2011.06.17 09:57 [Edit]
Thank you so much for your replys. I'll try the melatonin and see if it helps

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