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By marie On 2011.06.23 19:27 [Edit]
I know a lot of you out there are on Amatadine, . I was wondering just how this drug helps with Parkinson's. and also if anyone is helped by it. My husband just started it, so that is why I'm thinking about it. Thanks

By susger8 On 2011.06.24 06:49
My dad was on it for a while early in his treatment, then went off it for some reason that I don't know. His neurologist put him back on it later, to replace Permax when that was taken off the market. I wasn't sure that was a good idea since I had read that it can cause hallucinations and other problems in elderly people later in the disease state. And sure enough, it gave him a lot of problems and he had to go back off.

I think it works reasonably well in a lot of earlier stage people, though.


By jockdoc On 2011.06.24 07:21
Hi marie, My Barb had a terrible time with Amatadine. She was having hallucinations almost constantly. Doctor took her off, and the problems resolved. There was no replacement. JockDoc

By karolinakitty On 2011.06.24 07:24
Our old neuro wanted to put my guy on it for freezing issues...we voted against it because of the bad side effects....

I can't remember if it was caregivermary or Emma whose husband was on it, but it seemed to work for them.....

I think sometimes you need to weight the pros and cons and just go from there. So many drugs in this world we call PD, are darned if ya do and darned if ya don't....

By caregivermary On 2011.06.24 09:37
Yes, my husb took Amantadine for a long time with minor issues. He has been off of it for 4 yrs. He was also taking mirapex for the same period. The two together helped his mobility but did enhance the compulsive behaviors. Once I became aware of this, I was able to manage through it. The MDS took the mirapex away gradually in 2008. Stalevo will help with mobility and wearing off periods. My husb was on stalevo until December of last year. Weighing the pros and cons is good advice. Also taking into consideration the other drugs your husb is taking for other problems is also important. Pain meds do not mix well with PD drugs.

By marie On 2011.06.24 10:09 [Edit]
Thank You all for your help. My husband also has Conjestive Heart Failure and has a pacemaker defibbrilator and so he takes a lot of heart meds, that is why he hasen't been able to tolerate any Parkinsons meds. We were at the Primary Dr. yesterday and he has in the past recommended many other pills but the side effects have always been bad. We are going to try the Amatadine to see how that works. Also my hubby is in stage 4 from what I have read. He has had Parkinsons for at least 10 years but diagnosed in 2007

By coacht On 2011.06.24 10:55
My DW started on it in March and she has way more energy than she did before. The fatigue was really starting to get bad. Her thinking seems clearer yet her memory or listening skills don't seem as good on it. So far no real side effects other than the listening and that was bad already.

By Elly On 2011.06.25 21:18
My husband was on amantadine and all it did was give him swollen ankles--didn't help at all. So glad he's off it now.

By Reflection On 2011.06.26 08:41
My husband has been on Amantadine for years. I'm not sure how much good it's still doing, but at least it doesn't seem to be doing much harm. He had a horrible, horrible reaction to dopamine agonists (requip, mirapex) - very combative, aggressive, violent, impulse control disorders (shopping, sex, etc.) so I was very wary of any side effects of amantadine, but for him, it's OK.
He's got the postural-instability-gait-difficulty (PIGD)
type of PD (for description of types, see

By LotsaBob On 2011.06.26 09:21
marie, I am on amatadine now and have been for several months. I am also on requip which is a generic for mirapex I think. I have been on the requip for about a month and a half because the VA does not carry mirapex. I have had hardly any side affects with either. Although my wife says I am more compulsive now. I feel that it works for me. But what do I know, I'm the goofy one.

By marie On 2011.06.26 10:09 [Edit]
Thanks too all of you for your responses. My husband has been trying the Amantadine but it is making him very lightheaded and even more unsteady than he already is. I guess any of these Parkinsons meds just don't go with all the heart meds that he is taking.

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