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By LotsaBob On 2011.06.29 18:57
Is diverticulitis a common problem with PD? Could it be caused from months of constipation due to the pills I take for my PD? I must add that I due take stool softners for the constipation but "WAH LAH" I still have a problem.

By parkinit On 2011.07.12 14:49
I would not know if it causes one to have a greater propensity to the disease, but diverticular disease is seen in more than 50% of the population over 50 - whether they have PD or not.

By buffsrich On 2011.07.12 15:17
Do you eat alot of seeds and nuts. Like poppy seeds and sesame along with tree nuts? That's a common cause of that. I know several people, under 50 that have had this problem because of spices and seeds/nuts. If that's the official diagnosis then stop eating those things, but I'm sure your dr. already told you that.

By susger8 On 2011.07.13 12:48
Most older people have diverticula -- little outpouches of the intestine where there are weak spots. Constipation definitely contributes to developing them. Haveing diverticula is called diverticulosis. They often are not any kind of a problem, but if they get inflamed, then you have diverticulitis, and that is a problem. Aside from having pain, you can have bleeding, infections, and/or tears in the colon.

A high-fiber diet is supposed to prevent this. Apparently the seeds and nuts thing is controversial -- many specialists don't agree that they cause problems. Of course, some people can be sensitive to them.

Since constipation is so common with PDers, I would take a guess that diverticulosis and diverticulitis might be more common as a result.


By Lynnie2 On 2011.07.15 22:40
My husband had a colonscopy and was diagnosed with Diverticulosis. He has a problem with constipation and takes a stool softener. I don't think it has anything to do with PD as so many people have it. He is trying to avoid seeds and nuts. All of the good things he likes, poor guy. He also has to watch certain food because he takes Cumidin as a blood thinner, so he makes eating a little tricky.

I have a question. I know tomatoes have seeds, but do the seeds get ground up to make tomato sauce for spaghetti and bbq sauce? The tomatoes would have to be cooked and I would think they would be soft so they wouldn't be a problem.
If I serve tomatoes this summer I am going to try to remove the seeds, but it will be difficult. He loves a tomato, bacon and cheese sandwich and so do I. Do you have any tips?
I can remember that I used to peel the big strawberries for my dad so he could have a taste. What we won't do to have some pleasure, eh?

By HappyPuppy On 2011.07.16 14:00
Lynnie - I think you are noble about tomato seeds, but I imagine they mean things like sunflower or pumpkin seeds vs tomato seeds. My non-PD husband was just diagnosed with diverticulosis and he has, in his lifetime, prolly eaten POUNDS of nuts and seeds. I've been reading about adding more fiber and was SHOCKED at how little is in regular food - like kidney beans 1/2 cup are only 4 1/2 grams insoluble fiber and 1 1/2 g soluble - and that is against the daily recommendation of 20-40 grams! BUT too much fiber (like from over-doing supplements) can adversely affect the absorbtion of vitamins and minerals.... I give my PD-dad 2 fiber chewable tabs a day plus his daily raisin bran and I'm going to get some kind of supplement for my husband (and maybe me since we eat the same diet more or less). I'd never given fiber much thought since I thought I cooked fairly healthily but ideally as a species, we'd be grazing and snacking all day long and therefore ingest more fibrous things....

By karolinakitty On 2011.07.17 08:32
I found a link for a diet for diverticulitis:

It does include tomato seeds/ However i also found the big debate about seeds and diverticulitis.....

Should Seeds Be Eaten?
Until recently, many doctors suggested avoiding foods with small seeds because it was believed that particles could lodge in the diverticula and cause inflammation. However, this is now a controversial point and no evidence supports this recommendation. So the seeds in tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries and raspberries, as well as poppy seeds, which are part of your diverticulitis diet, are generally considered harmless. This is from this link

So as always what's really the story?

This is not a pleasant task nor a great topic, BUT...check your'll know for sure if the seeds are passing and from everything i have read, if you maintain a high fiber diet than all should be well....
anyone 50 and older has just is more bothersome in some compared to others....I can see it becoming an issue with PD as most get highly constipated....
TO be honest.. with a small background in dietetics, tomato skin is 10x less digestible than the seeds.....

Lynnie.. to answer your question about tomato and BBQ is what i know....the seeds and skin are thrown away.....I make my own of both and the cooked tomatoes are put through a sieve.
I grew up in Pittsburgh and toured HJ Heinz, many, many times... the had a huge sieve that kept out all the seeds and skin....Most store bought and restaurant marinara sauces are not seed free....the cost of coring a tomato is different than seeding and skinning...when making a marinara fresh i never seed it...

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