For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By rmshea On 2011.06.29 21:24
I did a search and nothing came up about this. MIL was bitten by her cat, became infected. Is on augmentin. She doesn't have the tremor PD. Ever since the infection, the PD symptoms are much worse, cognitive, shuffling, stiffness. Do PD'rs bounce back a bit after the infection clears or is this another slide down? She's forgetting her meds more and more but insists she takes her pills. I also find I have to constantly remind medical people that she has parkinsons; they ask her if this or that hurts, or if she gets her case, all those receptors or whatever don't work. I thought medical people were to view the person from the perspective of chronic disease and then treat.

By karolinakitty On 2011.06.30 07:51

not to be a downer here but most medical professionals know very little about PD.....or even the side effects of it's meds.....
Infection can send Pders for a could be the infection as well as the drug given.....
you have to push for the right drugs as well as "help" them when it comes to the PD...
even with the movement specialist you have to let them know if they are more dizzy or have more pain than "normal" sometimes it's hard to say, but you almost have to keep an hourly journal so you know the difference between what happens in the morning compared to what happens in the afternoon....I keep notes in my iPhone for these type doc visits.
We are fighting venous stasis right now and high took several visits beofer they quit trying to send him to the ER for his high BP....anything over 180/90 and they are wisking you off to the guy's is huddled around 200/100 on average but he's stuck and they finally get it..... just keep pushing for answers you will get there

By rmshea On 2011.06.30 13:41
Thanks..I figured that if UTI's were so huge, then it makes sense this would too. Except it was only in her system like, a day. Wow. She lives alone, so keeping journals, etc. is beyond us. The best I can do is get the caregiver to write down her B/P's and it took months to get to that point. I do keep a binder with all the specialties, med lists, and visit summaries. That idea I got from this forum! All the docs kinda snap to when you pull out stuff from the binder! :)

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