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By sunshine On 2011.06.30 20:20
My hubby's one foot is deforming quite noticeably now and I wonder if there is something that can be helpful for him with his walking. I feel like he needs more support so that his walking could be more steady or at least his ankles supported. Has anyone had any experience with this. He does use a cane and walker but I was wondering if perhaps there is some footwear that could be helpful too. Thank you :)

By lvmymom On 2011.07.04 19:00
The only thing I can think that was helpful was very lightweight shoes that slipped on and off easily ... like beach shoes - because as your dad shuffles it is nice if the shoes are light weight so they can lift them more easily after freezing ... If your dad is still with a walker and cane he is probably starting to show signs of shuffeling and freezing. Plus it gets harder and harder for them to put on and take off shoes so the easier the better ... something that they can pull on and off is nice, so if there is a hook on the back of the heal it is nice. Sports shoes generally have this. Sport shoes for racing, surfing, etc are generaly well made, light weight and easy on and off.

My mother's feet were deformed and she had to finally end up with Crocs that are easy and light weight and easy to clean. She is wheelchair bound now, though.

By sunshine On 2011.07.05 02:26
Thank you! I will try this. I hadn't thought of the sport shoes and the hook on the back is a great idea.
Thank you for your help and insight.:)

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