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By lurkingforacure On 2011.07.01 00:00
We all know the absolute havoc any infection can wreak upon a PWP, it is truly horrible and very frightening. A loved one in my family, though not suffering from PD, recently was hospitalized where a UTI was discovered and I learned some things that may help others.

A UTI in any senior citizen is a nightmare. The toxins from the bacteria do not clear the system very quickly and end up congregating in the brain, the very worst place. The person becomes disoriented, confused, delusional, etc. It is very scary. In a PWP, particularly a senior PWP, it is even worse. Many of us here have direct experience with this scenario.

The good news is that I learned cranberry juice can completely prevent a UTI. How? It keeps the bacteria, usually e. coli from fecal matter, from attaching to the urinary tract walls! Once you already have the UTI, drinking cranberry juice will do nothing, so you have to drink it every day to be preventative.

The important thing to me is that you have to drink real cranberry juice, not that ocean spray stuff (or other brand, I'm not picking on them) which is diluted sugar water. Get the Knudsen's cranberry extract, which is extremely concentrated, and expensive! But you will only use a tablespoon a day in a glass of water. The Knudsen's is basically the extract from cranberries they take and squeeze, and they bottle that. There is some particulates in the bottom of the bottle but just shake the bottle to mix it up and then dump some in a glass of water and drink. Add stevia if it's just too sour, no sugar which suppresses the immune system and causes inflammation. Who knew? We should keep track of whether people here who get a UTI were drinking cranberry juice every day before they got the UTI or not, don't you think?

By karolinakitty On 2011.07.02 13:14
Lurking.....taking cranberry pills is even cheaper and results are the same.

we've been using Spring Valley, triple strength Cranberry Fruit 2000mg, 2x daily to help in that area.....not saying this is the only kind but it is available at walmart and is a lot cheaper than the extract.....does the same thing.....

the extract used in herbs or minerals are highly concentrated and used to get right to the issue.....kind of like a fast IV hook up.....

and speaking of guy has had swelling in his legs for quite some time..recently they started getting sores and oozing fluids which in most cases is usual for venous stasis....however...

after seeing the wound care specialist for our normal wrap of the legs....i brought it to her attention that these "sores" are now spreading throughout his body. His wrists, elbows, hip and now today neck and groin....
Yesterday while at the wound care, she took a could be staph..but not sure which kind, as there are 30 different types at least that they know of....

Just as an FYI.....Back in february or march, while we were coming back from FL, we stopped at a McDonald's in a Love's truck stop in GA...we normally don't eat fast food, but were very hungry and knew we wouldn't make our local haunt for dinner...we hardly made it home...let's just say I'm glad we have 2 bathrooms and lots of poisoning for there is a staph related to food...we knew that..what we didn't know was that while it will forge your guts, it can also lay dormant inside, until a stressor of types breaks it cause secondary hypertension also...which could be the reason we have been dealing with a blood pressure that won't go down with any of the meds she has given us.... most of you know from dealing with UTI's, antibiotics and know we have a battle in front of us.....

I think we should keep track of that....the cranberry i mean....if you want i will add it to my FB page "the truth about Parkinson's Disease" as i do almost daily info's and will soon be talking in length about the herbal treatments we are doing...

By meg massey On 2011.07.13 22:37
I would second the suggestion of the cranberry pills. My mom had a terrible string of UTI's last year which got her hospitalized for the related psychosis. A forward-thinking doctor suggested cranberry pills, and since then she's been infection-free. Really amazing. I thought the UTIs would never end.

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