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By buffsrich On 2011.07.12 15:11
Hey everyone. I know people have talked about sinamet (spelling error?) before. But my MIL is coming home in a couple of weeks and I just spoke with the nurse at rehab about medicines and they have taken her off stalevo and put her on the sinamet. Are they the same or different and if different which one is better? They've also added another "HCL" fluid pill to help with the CHF. Is that normal?


By susger8 On 2011.07.13 12:53
Stalevo is a combination of Sinemet plus another medication (Comtan) that blocks an enzyme that breaks down the L-Dopa. Stalevo often works longer without as much wearing off, but of course it depends on the person. Sometimes in older people who have had PD for a long time, the medications stop doing much, and they are better off on just Sinemet.

I'm guessing the "HCL" might be hydrocholorothiazide, often abbreviated HCTZ. It is indeed a fluid pill, and would be appropriate to treat CHF.


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