For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2011.07.13 09:12
Just a friendly reminder to those who may be new; it's important for the Pder to stay hydrated.
The secret is not just water but drinks like gatorade with electrolytes in them. Last year Al suggested his trick with adding water to the gatorade to get more water daily and it's a trick we too have used. Stay away from sodas and alcoholic beverages. You may think they quench, but they usually cause more thirst. Juices are good but also in moderation...too much vitamin C from real juices can cause issues.

We having been dealing with 62 straight days of temps 95 and above and prior to that 22 days of 90 and above. The index lately has been way over the 100 mark and you need to adjust.
If your Pder is like mine and loves his puttering, make sure they are not out in the heat at it's most extreme. Dress loosely, if at all ;0...... Do your puttering early morning or late evening. Stay out of the sun as much as possible as some PD meds and antibiotics will cause sunburn. If you notice any drastic changes while out in the heat get immediately indoors to air conditioning, things like slurred speech, confusion and disorientation may have to be an ER visit. Dehydration can cause severe leg cramps, if it seems these are coming more frequently up the intake of fluids. WE don't need our PDers having more pain than necessary....
Hopefully all you yankee's have an air conditioner of some kind. If you do not check with your local council on aging as their may be a program in place to get you one free of charge. They are usually small window ones but any kind of air would be great for the patient.
Ceiling fans are awesome for moving the air around but really don't do anything to cool it....If you are concerned about the higher electric bills also check on any aid for that. Sometimes if a town is declared a heat emergency funds open up to those in need for paying their summer electric bills also. If this heat wave continues, more funding will open up...
If you can't get anything done soon, I know it's hard, but get out somewhere where there is airconditioning. A senior center, the mall, a museum...any place where you can relax in the air during the heat of the day......
If you are close to the ocean...the ocean breeze is not only glorious but healthy too......

Salt.....keep up your salt intake... If you normally don't use it, use it a little...even if you are on a salt free diet a little here and there will not put you in the hospital, It is necessary to keep up sodium levels during a heat wave, as your body naturally emits it. If you do not have issues with salt, use it even more frequently. As a PDer your sodium levels are usually low and this also will add to the muscle cramps we hear about so often.

Heat comforts... if you are going to be out in the sun for a long period, cover head and neck..if you like to do your yard work gett ing a hat that has the cloth that covers your neck will help keep out some of the heat... Being a former yankee I know that in colder temps your head should be covered to prevent the escape of body heat, it works for keeping out the sun and heat also.....a light weight hat and a wet towel over the neck will work wonders where i live...there is no cold water this time of year...our water lines are not buried deep like up north and my "cold" water is ground temp... like lukewarm.....but it still is cooler than the outside temp...

I believe i have covered everything...if not..please feel free to add on.....

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