For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By ILoveWil On 2011.07.15 18:49
To all my PD caregivers a word of caution ...Even though you may at times be irritated with your PD spouse, just give them all the love you can while you have time and you can. I would give my right arm to be able to repeat the last 6 months with my Wil even the last month. I don't have a lot of regrets but there was so much more I could have done to show him how powerful he is in my life and how much I love him. I could have been less busy with my own projects and engaged more with him to help him finish the book he was trying to write with me. I could have traveled more with him and given him more happy memories. I am literally crying to God for Wil to have at least a short recovery, a little more time so I can do more for him.

Make every day count with your loved one. With PD time can be very short. I think my Wil completely skipped stage 4 and went straight to stage 5 after this fall, broken hip and the Urinary Trak Infection. He stopped walking, stopped eating, stopped talking all in only a 2 week time period. Oh how much I want him to come back. His eyes opened yesterday for about an hour or so. But today he has sunk back inside, no movement, no response. I am at a low again.

Came home for several hours to read this Forum and to sit on my wrap around porch and feel the breeze from these mountains. I needed refreshment before I face the gloom and doom of my situation in that ICU. Even though Wil did open his eyes yesterday and I did high five all the nurses, today he has sunk back into his silence. And I wait for the moment he will open his eyes again and see the love in my eyes for him. Dear God please give me back some time, even just a few days with him. I now regret every wasted minute I've spent.

One minute I am a woman of prayer and the next minute I feel this overwhelming sense of loss and loneliness. But I am always encouraged when I read this Forum. You are such beautiful and powerful caregivers.
I believe you are all angels of mercy. Keep praying for my dear Wil. Thank you all so much.

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.07.15 19:29
Amen! ILoveWil, Know that all our prayers and thoughts are with You in these dark troubled times...

By karolinakitty On 2011.07.15 20:58
Life is Precious ...Cherish every moment!
That is what we live by.....our prayers are with you..

By Lynnie2 On 2011.07.15 22:27
My thoughts and prayers are with you too. It is very hard to see the one you love suffer. You are not alone and God is watching over you. God Bless!

By kennyb1043 On 2011.07.26 10:10
I Love Wil, I thank God for you and your Wil. I appreciate and respect the love you obviously have for him. As a result of your post I have decided to make time to spend with my father getting him out while he can. He used to love to play golf and for many years we played together. Although he can no longer play I can certainly put him in a cart and let him ride with me while I play. Thank you for your honesty, your love for Wil and especially your love for God. He will see each of us through to the end, I am confidant of that.

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