For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sfoster On 2011.07.17 04:58
It's me again my darling husband is still having those vivid nightmares - acts them out and then doesn't remember anything the next morning. Took your advise and moved to another bedroom (I just hate that). I feel so responsible for his safety and can't protect him from another room, This evening I heard him and went to check on him and found myself in his arms crying after being struck in the face - not a major injury, just a small lump on the cheek (he thought I was the enemy). After talking with him and letting him know what had happened he insisted on my not trying to save him anymore - that if he hurts himself then that's just the way it will have to be. I know he is depressed, he spoke with his doc about seeing a psychiatrist - he thinks he's loosing his mind and I tell him if that were the case he would act like this during the day (he is a very gentle, kind, caring man). We go back to doc in 3 weeks.

By Lynnie2 On 2011.07.24 13:00
My husband also has dreams and sometimes reaches out. He also jerks alot when sleeping which sometimes keeps me awake and I end up in another bed too, so you aren't alone. It is a sleep symdrome and there is a certain name for it.
He says to wake him up and I do sometimes but I hate disturbing his sleep although I wonder if he is getting the right kind of sleep when he dreams. Sometimes he talks in his sleep so I know he is dreaming.
One time the MDS gave him medication (I forget the name) to take so he would sleep better but they made him worse during the day. He would sleep all night, get up for breakfast and sleep all morning in the chair. He just felt like a zoombie, so that didn't work! Anyway we just put up with it.
My think you would sleep better in another room for your own safety. If he doesn't get up and do things in the night, then he should be okay. You need your sleep too, you know.
Depression is also part of PD. My husband feels that way sometimes. Things brother him more than before he had PD and I also do most of the business but he looks after certain things. When he talks to someone on the phone, especially about business, it bother them and his tremors are worse.
You aren't alone and I think talking to other people who are going through the same thing helps so don't be afraid to talk. I also go to a website called Daily Strength that helps too.

By hatepd On 2011.07.24 17:28
Lennie 2 --
Thanks so much for you're reply. Sounds like you and I are in the same place, only thing, I feel sooo responsible for his safety and so guilty for not being right there when he acts out his dreams. I'll also check out the other web site you mentioned. Again, thanks.

By karolinakitty On 2011.07.24 18:54
It's called REM Sleep guy has it also.... i don't sleep in another room, we work through the that i mean this....when he starts acting out and wakes me up by twisting my arm or poking me or whatever I slowly and carefully wake him up. Now we haven't had any incidents as of late. Even with being on Vibramycin for a staph infection he never got to REM sleep, but even still, since being on Savella instead of Cymbalta to relieve pain, these pronounced dreams have not been an issue....
here is a link to eMedicines explanation and how to care for one at home. In my opinion they go to extremes but, maybe my guy's aren't as bad as others...

By meg massey On 2011.07.24 23:06
I'm so sorry. My mom does the same, but much more agitated to the point where I can't keep her at home anymore.

She's in the hospital right now and they're trying to figure out how to ease her night stress.

Take care and be sure you get help if you're not able to stay safe anymore. Glad the separate room has eased some of it.

Can you ask the doc to move up your appt. sooner due to the risk to his safety and yours??? I would think they'd listen to that.

By oshroshr On 2011.07.24 23:16
My pdr had this for many years before any other symptoms were visible or recognized. His disease has progressed now and he sleeps a lot more at odd hours and then up very early. He still talks in his sleep but rarely shows the arm dropping or leg kicking or calling out that he had done in the past. I think the gaba pentin that he was prescribed last year for shingles and has been kept on actually has helped with this. It also helps with the various pd pains that he has. It has side effects too though.

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