For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By marie On 2011.07.21 11:32 [Edit]
Has anyone delt with sweating with there Parkinsons patient. My husband is in stage 4 of the disease (from what I have red), but he has a problem with this sweating. Can anyone tell anything else about it? Thanks

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.07.21 15:39
marie, We (all Parkinson's Disease Patients) tend to sweat profusely. Hydration is important. Some of the reasons We sweat heavily are because just living everyday with our disease is like doing moderate exercise all day long. Tremors and dystonia, the constant movement eats up energy and causes Us to sweat. Slowness or restricted range of movement causes us to extend or use more energy to get moving and keep moving. These things are noticeable to others, some things not observed causing Us to sweat are trying to assimilate or get into our system our medications. Our autonomic nervous system (or internal thermostat) regulating Our body temperature is also effected by Parkinson's and doesn't function "normally". So make sure He stays hydrated (drinks plenty of fluids and doesn't try to do too much in hot weather because it is like we're already exercising doing nothing and if you add chores to that it quickly becomes heavy exercising).

Best I can tell you is to take it easy, rest during hot spells, drink fluids, add a little extra salt to your diet (your body loses it sweating and We sweat a lot so what is enough for "normal" people to get through food isn't going to replace the salt we lose. (Run the salt by your Neurologist or Movement disorder Specialist NOT you Primary Care Doctor as many PC don't realize just how much P.D. causes one to sweat.). Finally if anything is "normal" with Parkinson's, sweating is. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By marie On 2011.07.21 19:09 [Edit]
Thank you so much for your reply L, My husband also has CHF so we always watch the salt. It is very hard with the fluids since he is restricted with them. On these hot days he stays in the house and does nothing, I really make sure of that. Thank you again for your help, you are so knowledeable about Parkinsons, its great to hear from you

By Lynnie2 On 2011.07.23 19:24
I have also noticed that my husband sweats more than he ever did. Just doing normal things makes him sweat and even when he is shovelling snow in the winter!
I thought is was because he doesn't have as much strength as he used to and it requires more effort to do things, but he can sweat without doing that much. His back will be wet and this shirts are soaked. This week with all of the very hot weather, he soaked his shirts every day.
I am going to tell him about keeping hydrated and the salt factor so he'll watch it more closely. Thanks.

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