For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LOHENGR1N On 2011.07.21 23:49
I posted this the other day on my facebook page and it's on "The Truth About Parkinson's Disease" facebook page also. I don't know how many here are on facebook or visit the Truth abouts page so I posted it here too. For Our newer posters here, Parkinson's Disease will warp your sense of humor along with your body and sometimes We just have to laugh (it's better medicine at times than crying). So if You're new here's a peek at my warpped semse of humor. If you've been around for I go again!

The gravity of the situation
Gravity is no friend to Parkinson's Parients! In fact I personally feel that Sir Isaac Newton should have kept His mouth shut, rubbed His head and moved His choice of seating! And to top it off They go and make it a law! Did They ever ask anyone? I never heard they did, no they just came up with slogans, sayings like "what goes up. must come down!" I don't think I'm being too much of a Rebel stating that I'd like to fall up once in awhile! You know even if just for the shock value.....What are you doing just standing there? I don't know I was lying around and all of a sudden I just fell up and here I am!?!?! What brought this subject up was a couple weeks ago I was walking along just minding My own business when I was brutally attacked by gravity and My cane! I fought like heck....I twisted...I turned ...I staggered and dipped but I didn't go down completely! Which in hindsight I would have been better off doing (less damage probably). Canes are deceptive Folks! Oh they look nice and sturdy enough but take My word and don't trust them! Mine turned out to be as supple as a serpent! It wound itself around My leg and then stiffened! Forward momentum, leg tangled around cane and gravity! Equals the last two weeks of swollen leg and foot, hopping and limping around in pain! Please those reading this don't go out and try this Yourselves! We're Parkinson's Disease Patients untrained professionals (We do this while living!). It's not for the unmedicated or non-balanced challenged! Now the blame I suppose could be taken by Me for not being "more" careful but I refuse to take the blame! I lay it squarely where it should go ...Thanks a Lot Isaac Newton! He very easily could have sat out a bit from the trees, He could have been vey useful and sat upon a meadow muffin! Which would have put sign painters to work many years ago warning People to Keep Off the Grass! They could have even made that a law but Nooooo!

Take care, best of luck and hang in there!

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