For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By kennyb1043 On 2011.07.22 09:56
Hello to all. My father was recently diagnosed with PD and as a result I like may of you have been placed in a position to learn about a disease that I would rather know nothing about. I am sure that all of you understand how difficult it has been for all of us accepting the news. With that said my father is 78 and with the exception of his inability to manuever he is doing extremely well. His mind remains clear and his attitude is great. We are finding that his biggest needs to date are in the area of personal hygene and walking. The reason for this post is to see if I can get some recommendations concering how to best assist/care for him. I have difficulty assisting him with bathing/dressing due to the fact he has no balance and he falls easily. Are there resources available to teach caregivers how to provide proper care for their loved ones. I would also like to thank each of you for taking the time to share on this site. I did take the time to read several post and as a result have learned a few things that I believe will help me to assist him. I especially liked the information concerning the patient and their feelings concering being useful as well as allowing them to continue to do the things that they can safely do, allowing them to remain as autonomus as possible. Thanks again for each of you that participate and I appreciate any recommendations that you may have.

By shirley On 2011.07.22 20:35
Welcome, you might want to ask your internist if he would write a script for nursing aid and physical therapy. That way a nurse or therapist will come to your home and help you learn the best way to assist your father. I basically learned by trial and error and then my husband's internist had a nurse and physical therapist come to our home for several weeks. I had been doing things correctly but it was good to be reassured.

My husband has lost about 40lbs. in the last year and now only weighs about 135lbs. so that has helped me when I have to move him.

Good luck to you.

By pattiann On 2011.07.23 10:15
Hi there! My husband was diagnosed 10 yrs. ago and it has been a "learn as you go" experience for us until I found this wonderful forum, it has taught me so much! One of the first 'helpers' I bought for my husband was a set of satin sheets because he had so much trouble moving and turning in bed. We learned very quickly that you don't need the top sheet or the pillowcase - they make everything, except my husband, slip/slide right to the floor! That bottom satin sheet has been a terrific help over the years and has given us both more comfortable sleep.

By cmonge On 2011.07.23 15:44
I have the same problem-my husband is much bigger than me and I am always finding new bruises from helping up from falling or assisting him. I am thinking of getting some sort of chair for the shower since he tires in there easily. Also-have a bar installed for him to hold onto. My husband has taken down the shower curtain twice grabbing onto that during a fall!

By kennyb1043 On 2011.07.25 11:32
Thank you for the suggestions. Cmonge, my father just recently relocated nearby to make it easier for us to assist him. He had a open shower installed to simplify the process of bathing him. I have found it works well if I place his toilet seat in the shower and assit him from his wheel chair into the toilet seat when showering. The toilet seat is plastic and aluminum so rust is not a problem. He also has the grab bars which help him stabalize himself when he needs to stand as I bath him. If you do not have an open shower they make a shower chair that fits partially in the shower and will allow him to seat himself while outside of the shower then he can scoot over into the shower. I located one of those at a medical supply house and my father used that while he could.

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