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By oshroshr On 2011.07.24 21:20
I have noticed that my husband's best time for clear thinking is early in the day. Of course he gets up around 4 am now but as the day progresses, he sometimes forgets things and has poor memory and loses any kind of time managment. Is this a kind of sundowning? This seems to have gotten worse with his leaning to the left and also his declining walking. Does all of this mean he has progressed to a different stage in this desease? I read as much as I can, especially this forum but I am getting kind of afraid that I wont be able to take care of him if these things get a lot worse soon. Appreciate any insight into this part of PD.

By kennyb1043 On 2011.07.26 13:41
Oshroshr, google sundowning and look at the mayo clinic site or go to for a detailed explination. They describe sundowning as a late in the day confusion associated with dementia such as is found in Alzheimers patients and has to do with a disruption of a persons internal clock and can be aggrivated by lack of lighting, late in the evening shadows, ect. The article also advises that planning daytime activities and encourging night time sleeping, eating early meals, leaving a night light on , and limiting caffiene can sometimes help with the problem.

By oshroshr On 2011.07.26 22:21
Thanks. My husband definitely has some of these symptoms. I will look at the site too.

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