For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LOHENGR1N On 2011.07.29 01:12
I had a phone conversation with one of My Daughters yesterday, We were talking about the looming crisis in Washington and how they didn't seem to get it. That People are fed up with the attitude of well even if they pass a bill we're going to defeat it or the President won't sign it! I said it was disheartening that our system will work if these same People would only give it a chance and use their vote! Polls show large percentages of unsatisfied People in this country. Depending on where you look 50, 60 even 70 percent but when election time comes news reports show poor turnout it is common in places to report a voter turnout 33 percent to be declared a large turnout. Where are those 60 and 70 percent who are dissatisfied? They can respond to a poll but not use their vote? People Who know little of Our Country's History and willingly show it when they speak are asking Us to entrust Them with running this Country. When news reports point it out, Their answer? Misspeaking!?! Reporters remind listeners well everyone does that! Everyone isn't asking to run the most powerful Country in the world! If elected and we have an oopsie wrong button do they really think the world would overlook it? Come on! What is this doing on a Parkinson's Disease site you're probably asking now well I'm going to tell you.

It seems We have gotten used to settling for less in this country not only in politics but in everything. There is a good article out from the YOPD with news of gene therapy. I separated this post from the thread so as not to detract from that news. My discussion with My Daughter and reading the article prompted this. The gene trial took 45 patients and half of them....??...were given the gene therapy. Um, ok, that's 22.5 people right? (if my math is right) Putting this half person aside let's go on...over all these patients had a 23% improvement in motor functions. Which ok, I'll give credit is good news! However those without the therapy had a 12.7% improvement, credited to placebo effect or the like. Also reported was better control of their medicine. I noticed that Folks did You? Better control, not reduction in medication, not ability to wean off and discontinue medication but better control. While this is good news and many will or would say better than nothing I'll give another ok it is I guess. I'm a simple man basically, so I'm looking at this as If my car's transmission was slipping and the mechanic called and told me it was ready only to find it was still slipping BUT now it would slip 23% less of the time I wouldn't pay Them until it wasn't slipping and I'd bet You wouldn't either! You know You can spin numbers and results all You want and You can bring out charts or graphs pointing to what you want. Magicians use slight of hand all the time to divert attention to what they're doing to wow the audiences. I'm not trying to rain upon anyone's hopes here....what I'm trying to point out is please give Us hope! At least a 50 - 50 chance. Sadly many might settle for what is offered, many may rush to ask for this paltry offering. For crying out loud This is Our life we're talking about I want MORE than 23% a lot of money is being spent and 23%? You've GOT to do better than that! We deserve better than that!

So I end asking You.....What are you going to do about it? Demand more from the research? From Our elected officials? From Health care? Or continue to settle for less? Settle for 23% from the now heads of companies till the money ebbs and "they" bump it up to 30% to keep up the cash flow? I know this is harsh but these things have a history of going that way. Myself? I demand more I want my vote to go to the most qualified candidate not the better of the ones left running and I want more than 23% improvement of motor function back! Alone I'm a few sentences of type on the Internet. Come election time You can use Your Vote, Now We can use Our voices to let Researchers Know We demand better, We Deserve better!

By caregivermary On 2011.07.29 07:59
I took the results of the study the same way you did. I was very discouraged by the results. We need more than band aids!

By rmshea On 2011.07.29 10:02
And you can bet they'll use that '23%' improvement to apply for more grants, to sell whatever...The populace will think, oh, wonderful because we are a nation that lives on hype, hysteria, and sound bites. Very few ask the hard questions; fewer still know the answers.

By packerman On 2011.07.29 10:05
my hubby was actually excited and said "well, i already have holes in my head from the DBS surgery...they can use those!" we both had a good laugh. :)

we're staying positive while hanging in there (18+ years).

By karolinakitty On 2011.07.29 13:52
When i saw it at first i was excited until i read further...23% ....then i think they should only get 23% of the grant or funds they used to come up with this...maybe then they'll try a little more

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