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By rmshea On 2011.08.12 14:15
Which doctor should I call to have a test administered? PD'r is choking, hiccuping, having issues swallowing...Neuro? Primary?

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.08.12 14:48
rm, Either Doctor could set up the test, the Neurologist might be more specific as what to look for. Whichever Doctor you feel most comfortable with handling it or whichever can get the testing set up quickest. They most likely will refer you to a specialist, I know others on the forum have had these tests done they can guide you through the process better than I can. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By parkinit On 2011.08.13 17:48
We went through our speech therapist at the time who recommended it. It was a mobile unit that came to the house to do the test.

By TiredTexan On 2011.08.13 22:34
Our PC set up the first test - the pulmonologist set up the second, 4/5 mths later. It was called a barium swallow test - and consisted of drinking 4 liquids of various thicknessess while some equipment observed their progress. Not painful, is out patient, and didn't take very long (less than an hour, maybe). Probably a tech and a speech therapist will administer it.

Our therapist told me the results immediately - they will send a formal report to the doctor.

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