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By sunshine On 2011.08.14 03:28
My hubby has just found out that he has cataracts that are now ready to be removed. Our concern (and we thought of this post the optom.appt.) will he be required to go under a general anaesthetic due to the concern of head movement during the cataract removal. In the past, whenever he has had a surgical procedure he has been given a spinal anaesthetic, which has seemingly eliminated some of the difficulties that can be encountered with a full anaesthetic. Has anyone had any experience with cataract surgery and how the involuntary movements are addressed during the procedure?

By karolinakitty On 2011.08.14 09:15
I don't have any answers but my guy has cataracts also,but not considering removal yet, so I too would be interested in knowing the procedure

By Pearly4 On 2011.08.14 10:24
My mother had a lot of dyskinesias -- she had cataract surgery on one eye very successfully, with only local anesthesia and a local block to keep her eyes open. She had no problems during or following surgery and took all her usual meds before surgery.

Talk with the eye surgeon involved but ours was a teaching ophthalmologist at a local medical school, older himself, and well used to dealing with all kinds of additional physical problems as well as the usual anxieties and problems people might have with surgery to their eyes.

She needed help with the drops after surgery and had more problems with the dementia involving thinking she had a horrendous infection with pus running from her eye (the wrong eye, by the way!) and, again, her surgeon was very patient and kind and dealt with all issues without any problems. I should add maybe that while surgery was considered absolutely successful, her dementia didn't allow her to perceive the improvement in her vision and she herself was very dissatisfied.

I'd do it again in a minute without hesitation if it were needed!

By HappyPuppy On 2011.08.14 13:07
My Dad, too, will have cataracts surgery coming up in Sept or Oct. Our neuro didn't seem concerned and took the initiative to contact the eye doc to explain preferred anesthesia (tho I don't know what she recommended). Dad is complaining about his vision a lot and I'm hoping this will help at least a little bit.

By oshroshr On 2011.08.14 22:27
My husband had cararact surgery on both eyes, one at a time about 4 years ago. His tremor is worse now as are all his symptoms but we had a huge concern then and we had a great md. We are near Pittsburgh and the doctor had no problems related to the tremor and he has done fine since. Hope this helps.

By karolinakitty On 2011.08.15 07:52
Ol' UPMC, i assume, oshroshr....lived in the 'Burgh 45 years.....

By susger8 On 2011.08.17 09:41
My dad has had cataract surgery on both his eyes without general anesthetic. He did have pretty deep sedation with (I think) Propofol. Does the doctor realize that PDers don't really have tremors when they are asleep?


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