For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By plcpainter On 2011.08.18 20:25
My husband with PD has taken two nasty falls today. He didn't trip - just toppled and crashed to the floor. VERY FRIGHTENING for both of us! I have been holding on to the back of his belt as he's gone into the bathroom and back. His PD affects his left side and it seems as if that leg is just buckling. No signs of a stroke, etc. No changes in meds. Anyone else have experience with this? We have appointments with his PCP tomorrow and the neurologist next Tuesday. TIA!

By parkinit On 2011.08.18 22:56
My PDer has had lots of falls. I'm glad you are seeing your neuro. You may need to purchase a gait belt which is worn just below the chest so you can have better leverage if your husband should start to topple. Does he use a cane? Possibly another new purchase.

By lvmymom On 2011.08.20 03:09
yep, lots of falls. the legs won't move and the rest of the body and mind assume they will - result is topple and crash, as you stated.

time for cane or/and a walker. it doesn't get better.

By Kathy On 2011.08.20 09:35
Physical therapy also helps. My husband was having the same problem. Our VA Physical therapy department has a MotoMed & its really helped John.

By plcpainter On 2011.08.20 11:33
Thank you for your comments. My sweetheart fell a 3rd time after I posted and ended up in the ER. He was admitted later that night because of the extreme dizziness and BP fluctuations he was experiencing. He spent a 2nd night last night and is coming home today. This forum's previous posts about how to deal with ER doctors helped so very much. Still not sure what we are going to do next. Transitioning him is starting to really wear me down and hurt me physically. Went from feeling like we were at least maintaining some control in our lives back to that wild roller coaster of despair, fear, anger, sadness, grittiness, and confusion over what to do next. Another cup of coffee, another round of prayer, and keeping our faces to the sun, should help sort it out a bit.

By Reflection On 2011.08.21 09:50
I'm so sorry about your husband's falls.
One thing to consider: while falls are unfortunately part of PD, dehydration (especially with this hot weather) can make the person with PD much more wobbly. So can infections. It's worth eliminating these, especially if he is suddenly falling more than he was - usually, falls become more common gradually. Good luck.

By parkinit On 2011.08.24 10:46
Hugs to you, plc. It's not an easy road. It may be time for a powerchair/wheelchair except for those very good "up times" where walking will help keep his muscles working. It's a delicate balance to keep our beloveds safe, yet keep them going as long as possible - on their feet! Hang in there.

By theresa2wyoming On 2011.09.01 10:05
My husband with PD really resisted a walker, until he had one. It gives him a lot more independence and makes him feel much more secure.

By lurkingforacure On 2011.09.01 14:38
I don't know if this will help anyone but our neuro said that falls in PD are usually caused by the person learning forward too much AND not putting enough emphasis on the heel part of the step. It should be Heel-Toe, Heel-Toe and he walked around as he said this, to emphasize you much time you should spend on the "heel" part.

Also, we have noticed, odd though it is, that my husband's posture AND walk is much better if he wears, no kidding, his boots. They're not cowboy boots, just Justin Roper plain old leather boots...but they have a bit of a heel, and that helps straighten him out and improve the gait! Crazy, but it works for us. They are pretty versatile although they do look a bit odd with shorts....:)

By parkinit On 2011.09.04 10:57
I agree with your doctor in regard to our falls - they mostly occur because of festinating - which is walking on the toes and leaning forward while walking. Unfortunately, when this occurs, the PDer is feeling GOOD. It appears my spouse is "high" on his meds and doesn't necessary want or listen to "reasoning" and reminders during this time. He will get up and walk and do what he wants to - yes, a bit obstinate. So, it may be difficult to persuade the PDer to walk the proper way during these times. That is the wicked twist I often face.

By Mollyskid On 2012.01.02 01:39
My partner is also falling, I cannot believe what a roller coaster ride this is....I feel all ok one day, then the next day, or ever that same day, things turn to total dispair....I also have narcolepsy, so sleep is a real issue. My man also will not listen to reason when he is high...I just give up, and try and see that he is safe. I have not coped very well with happy new year wishes....yea right!!! buthope that tomorrow it will be better.In as much that i will cope better. good luck. stay strong

By JividMcIreland On 2012.01.16 23:21
Falling is a serious risk with Parkinsons, indeed. My DH is 100 lbs more than me. One of the first assistance item we got, was a Hoyer Lift... I was terrified that if my DH ever fell, I would never get him up. After expressing this to our GP doctor, it was delivered soon after. That was 3 years ago...
I used it for the first time about 2 months ago. It worked.
My husband also has: a cane, a walker with a seat on it & a brake, a power wheelchair, and a scooter (to use when we go out.)
We bought the cane & walker. The scooter was donated to our church & we "just happened to" ask for a "wheelchair or something". Our insurance company pad for the power chair.
I recommend that you get all the devices to help that you can possibly get and use them. The road is rough, rocky, and varies (day-to-day, hour-to-hour sometimes).
FALLS are a REAL DANGER, and they are also a cause of death for Parkinson's patients.
I wish you all the is so, so difficult some days....

By buddy On 2012.01.19 10:43
Falling has been a huge issue for my father, and he is a large mother is small. He refuses a walker, and will sometimes use a cane. He started physical therapy for the first time about 3 months ago and loves it. He now wears headphones with 'music" and a "beat". It seems to help him when he is "stuck", and he feels better with this than using a cane or walker. Not sure if they understand that this is not going to be a cure-all, but for now in the MN winter, this has helped them with less falling.

By moonswife On 2012.01.20 06:04
We share a similar problem. I am 18 inches shorter than my husband and 100 lbs lighter. One thing we have done is install about 40 grab bars in the house. Half vertical, half horizontal. He uses the hand over hand method on the 4 foot vertical bars to help himself up off the floor. His own idea, and IT WORKS ! Have some elliptical shaped ones that can be grabbed with two hands. Really like that you can order up to 400 lbs test weight on line. Good luck.

By drshepard On 2012.01.20 19:17
Oh...I am so happy to have found this forum!! My husband too has fallen many times. Sometimes his walking is optimum; like when we went to the neurologist last week. A week before that the meds shut off and he couldn't walk 2 inches. An MRI revealed a fracture in his spine and after yelling at him (sorry I lost it when he refused supports) he finally is using a rollator/transport chair when he's having a very off day.

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