For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By dkleinert On 2011.08.23 00:51
CaregiverMary pointed me to a link for a booklet entitled Mind, Mood and Memory. At the end of that really informative booklet is a section for Caregivers. This poem is the first page of that section. I thought all ofyou might relate to this woman's poem. It reinforces that we are not alone and others suffer with the same issues we do:

Thoughts by Phyllis, Caregiver in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Where am I?
Where did I go?
What happened to me?
I am a Caregiver
Thatís who and what I am
Non-stop 24-7
A Caregiver
Get my meds
I need a drink
Whatís for lunch?
I had an accident
Oh well, more laundry, than when the kids were toddlersÖ
What time is dinner?
You just finished lunch
Where is me Ė lost for now
I am a Caregiver
Lunch with Jeanne Ė not today
Canít go anywhere
The collar & the rope are fastened to my very being
I feel the noose around my neck
Yes, I am a caregiver
What did I do to deserve this constant pressure & responsibility?
What did he do to deserve Parkinsonís Disease???
My children & grandchildren are the oxygen that allow my soul to breath and go on
But, is it the Parkinsonís?
Lash out, lash out
One bash to the head
Youíre stupid & donít understand
You have no compassion
You need classes to learn
My mouth is silent
His is raging
On & on and on
You donít listen
You donít understand
No, I donít understand
Life isnít fair
Nastiness is spewing out of your mouth
Like an erupting volcano
Another bash to the other side of the head
My very being is in pain
Where is your compassion?
I give my all and then give more
Another sleepless night
The exhaustion is physical
The mental tired is most draining
Another blow to the head
The tone of voice & words are so hurtful
Itís not fair

By parkinit On 2011.08.24 11:00
Thank goodness we don't all have this type PDer, who is verbally abusive. Mine still says "please" and "thank you," but I do fear there may come a time when this, too, shall pass as the PD does weird things to his mind...But, I enjoy today... Yes, ENJOY today, because he says a kind please and thank you.

By jockdoc On 2011.08.29 14:18
Been there; done that! Thanks so much. JockDoc

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