For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2011.09.09 13:10
On my phone so i cant seem to copy abd paste right. But just got a link from my son in Pittsburgh about this. Go to Headline would be AGHneurosurgeon finds PD breakthrough

By mylove On 2011.09.09 15:44
Wow - very interesting! I know that he got excited and used the 'c' word - which we have to take with a grain of salt of course, because it's still very early - but imagine if this could have a bearing on the course of the disease!

Bearing in mind that what we're witnessing is an early 'aha' moment rather than a presented foregone treatment of any sort, I'm intrigued to see where research in this direction goes. It certainly sounds plausible. I think it's great that we are seeing some ideas that aren't just additional trips down the beaten path. Certainly it is *something* deep within the brain that causes the disease. Kudos to the surgeon for putting clues together; now let's see where this leads.

By karolinakitty On 2011.09.09 23:18
Here's the link to that story:

I showed it to the doc in the hospital and he agreed with me that this could just be this person had parkinsonism rather than straight up PD or PD plus.....That this patients PD was caused by a TBI or concussion or some type of injury where that blood vessels were moved by force. We also talked about, if PD is dopamine related how could cushioning this one blood vessel make PD go away.....doesn't add up to what we all know here...It might be great for those pugilists, hockey players and those with TBI's who later in life develop Parkinsonism ...guess we'll see.....

I lived in Pittsburgh for 45 years...the teaching hospitals there are great....first in heart transplants, first in many other transplants...First in Sports medicine and an awesome Children's Hospital...AGH is not known for it's firsts but still a good hospital......

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