For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sharons On 2011.09.12 23:26
It has been quite a while since I have posted anything, but always benefit so much from the vast amount of information on this site.

My Mom is now having some additional problems and I tried to search the site for answers to her biggest problem, but was unable to find anything. She is having a terrible time with constantly feeling like she has to go to the bathroom. She sees a urologist, who has tried different types of overactive bladder medications, but nothing seems to help. She is not on any medication for PD, as none of them have ever helped her. She has been checked for UTI, but each time, the tests come back negative. She has a pessory, which seemed to help for a while, but now, she says her life revolves around going to the bathroom. She can barely walk anymore, so going to the bathroom every hour or so is a real problem. It keeps her from wanting to go anywhere or try to enjoy any of the activities in the assisted living facility where she lives. Is this problem just part of PD and losing control of the muscles involved in that part of her body or is there something that can help?

She is also having a lot more trouble chewing and swollowing. She is having almost everything she eats pureed now. She continues to blame her dentures, but I have taken her to 2 different dentists and they have not indicated that her dentures would cause either problem. Every time I try to talk to her about what I have learned about PD and the different symptoms she is having, she almost refuses to believe the problems are related to PD and thinks someone should be able to fix these issues. I can't blame her for feeling like that, but at some point, I think she is going to have to come to terms with what is happening to her. She is 81 and has been talking more and more about just wishing she would go ahead and die. Her quality of life is not good, but reading what I have on this site, I know things are probably going to get worse and if she can't take it now, what is going to happen when things really do get worse.

Sorry to ramble on like this, but her condition seems to be getting much worse much faster, and I guess I'm just wanting to find answers.

By karolinakitty On 2011.09.12 23:46
Unfortunately all you speak of is probably due to the PD.
about the chewing and swallowing, ask her neuro to order a swallowing test....a peg tube may be needed or my guy has been doing throat exercises..just focusing on the swallowing, making the throat swallow, when he isn't..kinda hard to explain in writing

With the urination problems...if everything else has been ruled out like you said, then it is probably the signals getting crossed due to the PD...however one more suggestion...Did they do a CBC blood workup? If may be the blood sugar. frequent urination is a sign of that too.
One more thing.. the pessary....could there be an infection with that? not sure if it would show up on the same test as a UTI....I had a sagging uterus that caused a miscarriage and used one for a short time and an infection did occur....i don't remember what they did to test for it, but I didn't use it anymore... I was taught exercises in it's place. It wasn't due to unsterile conditions according to the doc, but sometimes the body just rejects these things....

By sharons On 2011.09.13 11:13
Karolinakitty, Thanks for your response. She had a swallowing test done a while back, but maybe it is time to do another one. Her sugar level is checked almost daily, and has been really good - since she has lost so much weight, she has not had to take diabetic medication for over a year.

The urinary frequency is really driving her crazy. She has the pessary taken out and cleaned every other month, so I'm not sure if it could be that or not, but I will talk to the urologist about it the next time she sees him. It is so hard to try to get her to understand that some things that start happening to her are symptoms of the PD and there isn't going to be anything she or her doctor can do to make it better. I just thought maybe there was a different medication that others on the forum have used for this problem that might help her or some other insight into what might be causing this.

By lvmymom On 2011.09.17 21:03
I know she probably hates the idea of adult diapers like Depends, but they can be useful to someone like your mother so she can go out. With an overnight pad AND a good diaper you can go out and she can enjoy herself without worry.

She can still go to the bathroom, but the diaper helps her not fear going out and having an accident. It will keep her more active and help with her independence.

Peace of mind. No one will know she has one on and really, no one cares anyway.

Keeping active is part of the battle and being chained to the bathroom is no way to live. I'm sure within a few weeks she'll be happy using a medical aid such as Depends .

Good luck

By sharons On 2011.09.21 23:49
Mom has been wearing adult pull-ups for quite a while, but she still says she can't do the activities they offer where she lives because of having to go to the bathroom. I don't think she ever actually "goes" in the pull-ups, but may leak a little. I think she is probably not comfortable with the idea of actually just going in the pull-up and not trying to make it to the bathroom. Thanks for the idea though. I just wish there was something that could be done about the frequency she feels.

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