For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By worriedaboutdad On 2011.09.22 18:44
Ha! I knew that would get your attention! But seriously......Starting from the beginning, Daddy had found a lady friend at the memory care facility. Now, she has alzheimers so I am not sure she knew they were "a couple" but in his mind they were and he was very content. Then one day, she sat with another man. Well, she meant no harm but Daddy was livid. He is now convinced that she and the "other man" are having an affair. He began by telling them both off. Next, he began sort of stalking them (watching his room etc). Now, he has moved on to something worse. He told us that every night someone pulls up out front and honks the horn. His lady friend goes out and gets in the car and leaves. She returns in about an hour. When we asked whaere she went, he says that the facility nurse takes her out to "suck on men". Ok, sorry but I did warn you. So basically, the nurse is pimping her out. Now in his mind, this is absolutely true. This, along with other things (no longer walking, more trouble choking, chronic constipation) makes me think we have entered a new phase in the disease. He goes to the doc tomorrow. Now, do we discuss these delusions in front of him or how do we go about it? I thought about just asking Daddy to tell the doc what is going on at night. Anyway, thoughts would be appreciated........also, it is ok if you giggled for just a second. We sometimes have to laugh in order to not cry.

By karolinakitty On 2011.09.22 22:16
I think with this kind of subject I would pull the doc aside...ask if you can see him outside the room for a minute and tell him what you know....I think if you mentioned it in front of your dad he might get a little mad at you then......just a suggestion...

By RhondaM On 2011.09.23 18:25
My dad got a little bit that way toward the very end of his life. He swore that nurses came in his room at night at the nursing home and had sex with his roommate, who was, by the way, a complete quadriplegic who never got out of his mechanical bed and had to be hand fed every meal.

By susger8 On 2011.09.24 10:46
My dad has had delusions like this off and on over the last few years. When he was in a SNF for rehab after his broken hip, he thought the staff were having sex parties after hours, and selling drugs from behind the nurses' station. One time he called the police because he thought his (male) health aide had molested him. I'm not sure if it was related to Requip or just part of the disease, but I would say that he hasn't had sexual delusions since going off Requip.


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