For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By packerman On 2011.09.29 12:03

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.09.29 14:00
Interesting article? Scary if You ask Me, scary even if you don't ask Me. An algorithm map of the brains circuitry. To aid deep brain stimulation, implanting chips? No mention of a cure, oh no not that if there was a cure you'd waste all these neat little thingys! You'd close up a major market! I take offence at the way this research is heading. First and foremost I am a person. I have Parkinson's Disease. I am an Individually functioning biological entity. You want to help me with My disease? Find a cure! Plain and simple. Don't try to snow Me with new ongoing "therapy" that treats some symptoms! Don't put wires and microchips inside my brain tuned into how a computer shows a circuit should work! (but in best Orwellian fashion what a way to manage people and control them huh?)

If I offend now well join the club because I'm offended, for Myself and My fellow Parkinson's Disease Patients! If I offend in public with slowness or tremor find a cure! Don't wire me up to calm the tremor or make my motion more fluid! Uneasy with watching me in public? Try living inside this body! If you did you'd want a cure instead of worrying about if someone was uncomfortable sitting by You on a bus! Boy what a invention for homes for disabled. If you put this chip in the brain we can, through the computer, program it to sleep "x" hours a night! No more nightly rounds (think of the savings) no burnout from lack of sleep in caregivers, got something to do? Program a nap into the day, you pick your time and put them to sleep. Easy huh? Oh now don't just pooh-pooh my rant and say that wouldn't happen. Folks it is already happening, look at what they're researching here. Reread it and notice NOTHING about a CURE But a "therapy" an ongoing medical treatment to deal with symptoms! (And according to Someone and a computer make Us act like they think We should) Again I scream upon deaf ears GIVE US A CURE!

By karolinakitty On 2011.09.29 14:15
They don't mention what the info would be used for specifically...that scares me...
If they took that info and found out what neurons were misfiring, how to totally stop them from misfiring then i would be ok with problem Al's is putting a chip in the brain and having someone else program it.....who knows what could be put forth in could be used for things unforgivable...

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