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By sunshine On 2011.10.10 16:09
Does anyone have any information regarding the disability tax credit being offered. We picked up a pamphlet from a reputable place for it to be displayed, had a person come to our home, discussed the eligibility for us to receive the tax credit, filled out papers and now awaiting to see our GP to have his input and to fill out the forms to send to our tax department.
Our question is, now that we have already signed the forms??? in hindsight we are thinking that we should check into it a little further. It certainly sounds as though we would qualify but of course with the tax department we worry about doing something that may compromise us down the road later on. We want to be sure that we are in fact eligible for the tax credit, which we have been told we probably will be, but we thought someone may have had some experience with this already and could perhaps shine some light on the logistics of the whole idea. My father was in business for himself and was very integrous and with that raised me to be very respectful of the tax man and the law. Hence my anxiety around all of this.

By trapper On 2011.10.14 00:38

I would not worry at all about applying for the Disability Tax Credit in Canada. We live in Manitoba.

We had people assist us in getting it for my wife who has Parkinsons, but it wasn't easy as our family Doctor was not co-operating in declaring my wife disabled. The people who assisted us with the forms approached the Doctor on our behalf and eventually got the Disability Tax Credit thru for us --- with backpay from the Tax Dept.

The people who assisted us took 20% of the amount we received but we had signed the form agreeing to that ---20% of the initial award received. This seems like a large amount they collected but we figure 20% of nothing is nothing.

However, Accountants now have more info on the Disability Tax Credit and I see that some advertise that they charge only a modest flat rate fee --- not the 20% percent we had to fork over.

So, don't worry about it. Get an Accountant to pursue it for you and get the Tax Credit you deserve.

By sunshine On 2011.10.16 00:26
Thank you Trapper for your reply. We sincerely appreciate your positive input and encouragement. We saw our GP the other day and he really wasn't too interested in having a representative help with the forms. I guess time will tell how all this works out. It is encouraging to think that we may have a little credit come back to us as this past six months has been quite costly for us with assists and different things to help out with mobility. We're so grateful to have found out about the tax credit and that it apparently can be applied each year afterwards. Thank you kindly again for you input and for replying to our post. :)

By trapper On 2011.10.16 23:06

You are very welcome!

Once you get the Disability Tax Credit through along with backpay, your Tax Preparer has no problem claiming the Tax Credit in future.

If your spouse has Parkinsons, I dont think there should be any question of his eligibility for this Tax Credit.

Good luck to you --- there should be no problem.

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