For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By CCl948 On 2011.10.27 11:51
Every day I lose a little of my partner to PD After ten years my partner is becoming more distant and self absorbed. I am left lonely and little affection.

By Michele On 2011.10.27 17:31
Hello CC1948, I hear the pain in your post. Although it is only two sentences, it says volumns. I truly understand the loss you are experiencing - my husband also becoming more distant and self absorbed as time goes on. The only thing that helps me with this is to treasure the rare moments of affection, laughter and tenderness. Keep posting when you can. Your post made me feel that someone else knows what I am going through.
p.s. I was born in 1948

By CCl948 On 2011.10.30 13:39
Thanks I will cherish all the rare moments of affection, laughng and tenderness. I was born in l948 too.

Do you worry about them falling? Forgetting to take their pills?Getting confused about different things?

Time runs slower for them. I know they can not help it but it is frustrating to watch especailly if they still want their independence.

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