For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Blaze On 2011.11.01 13:02
Hi All,

I'm new here, and new to PD. My DH was diagnosed with PD just before Christmas after 10 years of symptoms. He took levodopa medication for 6 months but didn't feel it was helping, and doesn't believe it's PD, so stopped taking it. The Neurologist won't see DH any more as DH won't take the medication. DH refuses to take it without actual proof that it's PD. *rolling eyes*

DH doesn't believe it's PD because after 10 years of symptoms it's barely progressed. He has slowness in his left hand and foot. He has occasional tremors in his left arm and leg. Occasionally trips. He occasionally snores, sometimes has trouble sleeping, and is becoming forgetful, but puts all that down to age.

I felt the levodopa helped him sleep more deeply. It stopped his snoring and stopped the night tremors, but as he was asleep at the time he says he didn't feel any benefit as he didn't feel any better rested. It helped ME, though, as I could move about without waking him. Now that he's no longer taking it, any movement or noise on my part makes him restless and I worry about him not getting enough good sleep.

He still does everything he's always done - shift work, driving, gardening, etc, but climbing up on the roof to clean the gutters scares me. He refuses to stop or slow down.

He's only 51, which seems way too young to get PD. Our 3 sons are grown, 2 are still living at home with us.

I try not to fuss or nag as he thinks I'm trying to make him ill, but I DO worry.

I've been reading your posts, and finding them informative and helpful. I think it would be good if DH joined too, but I don't think that's likely.

Anyway, I just thought I'd introduce us. :)

By sannph On 2011.11.01 22:09
Welcome! You will find lots of helpful info here. 51 is not too young to get PD as you will find out if you read past posts. My husband had symptoms for several years too and was diagnosed at age 49. His balance issues got so bad that he retired on disability at age 50. We take one day at a time--some are good and some not so good. On those tough days, it is always so helpful to me to turn to this forum where everyone else understands what we're going through!

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.11.02 00:00
Blaze, Hi and welocme to the forum. Sites differ on age of young onset some cite the age group of 21 to 40 as young onset others 21 to 50. It's really an arbitrary number but I'd say yes He'd be yopd. I read another of your posts and you said it seems way too young to have P.D. The is also a form of Parkinson's Disease that strikes those before the age of 21 called Juvenile Parkinsonism. By all means please tell Him about the forum and encourage Him to post here! We're all glad to be of any help we can be to Him, You and Your family! The more We learn about Our disease the better We can fight it. Again welcome! Take care, best of luck and hang in there. (posted in answer to YOPD part of forum reposted here also in case it got overlooked:) )

By karolinakitty On 2011.11.02 09:46
Welcome Blaze....My guy was diagnosed about 4 years ago..just turned 55, but we figure he has had it longer.....the symptoms can creep up on you especially if tremors aren't present immediately, as what happened with my guy...there is not only PD but there are PD plus diseases that don't always show tremors right away too. I invite you to search our forum for any topics that have you concerned...
Your DH may not want to face what he has, it is typical of a lot of PD patients and some for good reason....but in the won't go away if you ignore it just progresses.....however there are many folks here who have traveled this road and can help with any of your questions......

By parkinit On 2011.11.02 21:08
Welcome, Blaze.

By packerman On 2011.11.03 10:33
welcome, Blaze.
my hubby was diagnosed at 38, but had symptoms for a couple of years before that. he is 54 now. he is also disability retired, while i continue to work. we just take one day at a time and appreciate the good ones.

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