For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jules On 2011.11.04 21:56
My dad who lives with me fell last week. 1st trip to our local er showed no breaks but he had PAIN in his hip, next er visit showed a small "spider like crack". Again we were sent home and said to rest... he was unable to put weight and became very hard to manage by myself. 3rd visit was a 2 hour drive to the VA hospital, thankfully, they admitted him. Upon visits from many doctors and tests, they have changed his original diagnosis of Parkinson's to PSP. Progressive Supranucler Palsy. In the 4 years of his diagnosis his progression has been rapid. I have been all over Google and psp sounds awful. The neurlogist spoke to him, but I know it didn't register.
Tonight he moved from the hospital to nursing home to get rehab. I'm afraid if he learns more about PSP he might give up.

By parkinit On 2011.11.06 00:47
So your dad did not respond favorably to the carbadopa/levadopa? The symptoms are so much like Parkison's that I had to read down quite a ways on the screen to find out that this was a major sign - unresponsiveness to cardaopa/levadopa. In the article I read, this was the major way that doctors differentiate between PSP and Parkinson's.

Did they give him pain pills for the fracture? It can be very painful, so hopefully he has something to ease the pain.

The good news is that the fracture will heal quicker than an actual break. For a healthy person it would be around 3-6 weeks.

By jules On 2011.11.10 03:19
He does respond a small bit to carbadopa/levadopa(3) 25/100 3x's a day but is on a very high carbadopa (125mg a day more). He is in rehab now but has been very hard on both of us. The rehab Dr said he was taking too much and took him off the extra carbadopa without my knowledge. Unfortunately he was completely ridged and unable to move. They put him back on diabetic and htn meds which he had been off for a year. Couldn't feed himself and became incontinent. He was also given a high dose oxycontin for pain. I thought it was the end, he had just given up! Until it hit me to look over his medication list. After many phone calls to supervisors, Drs, plus standing infront of the nurses station being a pain in their butt, he is back on his regular dose of carbadopa and off his old meds. Its no wonder he felt like crap.

As for the new diagnosis, I understood the reason the VA neurologist team felt it was something more than pd is the
°loss of muscles in his hands and neck and whole body
°His history of falling backwards
°how quickly he is progressing
° having difficulty swollowing everything
°eyes not following properly
°having a hard time talking
my dad is 69 and was diagnosed less than 4 years ago. He looks 90 plus.

We have many more test ahead of us, but they feel confident its PSP.

By parkinit On 2011.11.11 18:39
Jules - Sounds like a rough road for you and your dad. Hugs to you both.

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