For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mylove On 2011.11.08 08:37
I read this this morning, and thought that it looked interesting. Imagine having some idea of how long or whether some of these 'breaks from reality' we experience are going to last? Or solve the 'dementia vs delerium' conundrum? Hmmm....

Keep the new tools coming.... Imagine being able to say to some exhausted caregiver, "We did the scan, and he doesn't exhibit the patterns that would lead us to believe that this is going to be a permanent thing." Or in the worst case scenario, "Yeah, you'd better plan for a different plan of action than you'd imagined." At least there could be some kind of knowledge, rather than the limbo that a lot of people experience. And that's huge.

Encouraging research.

By poppadum On 2011.11.08 17:37
Anything new is bound to help eventually because if the original is not perfect, it usually leads to improved solutions... eventually,... but better late than never.

Hubby, in spite of being a pain in the you know what at home most of the time, has one characteristic that hasn't changed so far: he's always tried to help people. Ok, it may not be me he's helping anymore, but he set up his own charity for PD and PD patients. It started off with him writing a book named "Poetry in motion", after the shakes he has, and it's full of humoristic and satirical poems about everyday life. He sold a massive amount and the proceeds go to his charity which is officially registered with the government and has a board which checks the income and outgoings and helps to decide who needs what.
Hubby has a big following and a tremendous amount of help and support for his charity.
Whenever possible hubby sponsors Dr. Cady in the US who with his team researches the use of stem cells for PD. So far, with the help of others (several of them PD patients themselves) he set up a web radio, "Radio Parkies", for PD patients and their carers, mainly for Europe because Chicago already has one for the US.
He gets free pc's from companies who tend to replace their pc's every 3 years or so. The "old" ones get checked over, sorted out and are given to people who don't have the funds to purchase their own so that they have a means for outside contact when they have become more or less housebound.
Hubby gets given electric wheelchairs by families of deceased PD patients, which also get checked over and they are presented free of charge to the most needy.
I don't really know what else he gets up to but he does nothing but help help help wherever he can. He has all the support he could ever wish for, mainly people from his golf club. Although hubby can no longer play golf (just a bit of putting nowadays), he's an expert on golf rules and if there are any disputes, what he says, goes because he can always prove he's right by means of his (up-to-date) golf rules "bible". For years he functioned as a golf marshal but he's finally had to give that up.
He seems to have a gift for solving problems in the golf club, which is very much appreciated because he always seems to manage to find a solution acceptable to all parties. In order to thank him for that the golf club now has the annual "Poetry in Motion" tournament from which the proceeds go the the "Poetry in Motion" fund.
It is probably all very much more complicated than that, but hubby forgets to tell me about many things. All I get to find out are snippets here and there, unless I go to the golf club myself, but that's "his" territory, or should I call it "sanctuary" so I steer clear from there as much as possible. Thankfully he spends a lot of time in the golf club so I don't go completely doolally because as long as he's home he manages to mess the whole house up, repeatedly! And he always seems to find new ways to create havoc.
His golf comrades have already said that when hubby can no longer drive, I won't have to bring and fetch him because thy 'll be doing it, taking it in turns.
So far we have friends galore who help, as long as the future is not mentioned because none of them seem to be able to cope with the outlook. And, surprise, they're all men. But I don't care because so far, in spite of all the trouble and misery, we've been very lucky with all the support that we have enjoyed so far.

And that whole waterfall of words just to say that Dr. Cady and his team are working hard on the stem cell research!

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