For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By plcpainter On 2011.11.10 11:56
I need to share this story and move on and this Forum is the only place that might have an inkling of understanding. :) Yesterday I'd left my husband with PD in the house while I went out to do evening chores. He watches the news while I go out to the barn; we both have our cell phones in case he needs me. When I got in he calls me from his bathroom, "Can you come here? We have a problem." There he was, standing in stocking feet in a flooded bathroom. The toilet was overflowing with dark brown fluid and he was just standing there, unsure of what to do and how to process the situation. WHAT A MESS! I got a towel down and moved him into his wheel chair and out of there. A quick few thrusts with a plunger had the toilet clearing. Armed with rubber gloves, old towels, and a plastic bag, I tackled the floor. It was quite gross. Fecal matter will eventually be the end of me I think as a caregiver. I was pretty freaked out by the whole situation: Why would he keep flushing and flushing the toilet until it ran over? (This is a man who's whole career was as an engineer!) The idea of contamination was greatly weighing on my mind too. So I got some bleach and wiped the tiles down, then dried them with paper towels. I made sure the vent fan was on. However, after I was done I realized that my lungs were burning and tight. Called the advice nurse and poison control -- both confirmed that the bleach fumes had irritated my lungs and throat. A long hot shower, breathing the warm, moist air and drinking cold water proved to be good therapy and I'm feeling better this morning. Lesson learned: Go slower in responding to new situations. THINK GIRL! Feeling kind of stupid that I put myself in that dangerous situation breathing toxic fumes. Also learned that 1 part bleach to 10 parts water is sufficient to kill any germs! Who would have thought a toilet could become dangerous? :) And my PD'er? He said "People need to stop putting my diapers down the toilet!" *sigh* Not a clue that he had any part of this whole least, not that he's owning up to. I don't know if he just doesn't know or if he just doesn't want to acknowledge his role. On we go. Thanks for letting me share.

By BOCareGiver On 2011.11.18 22:25
Thanks for sharing. I think fecal matter may be what does many of us in!

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