For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By worriedaboutdad On 2011.11.10 21:45
Daddy has taken a turn for the worse (there is a little good news which I will get to). He now has to be fed, put on and off the toilet, helped in and out of chairs, wheelchair bound for the most part. As for the feeding we had a little issue with that. There was a therapist coming in to work with him on his eating and swallowing. She stated that he was perfectly capable of feeding himself because his hand/eye coordination was fine. Therefore, the staff at the MCF was told not to feed him. While I want him to be as independent as possible for as long as possible, I don't think she was taking all things into consideration. For example, he has nerve damage in his hands and has trouble gripping, he has no teeth and his tongue is heavy and not working well. He says that he cannot move the food and it helps if he can get a moutful which he cannot do on his own. He gets tired. So, at first I began avoiding mealtimes because I was having trouble not feeding him when he asked. Finally, one night they called and said that he was refusing to eat if no one would help him. I called the therapist and explained the situation. She promptly discharged him. Now he gets help with meals. I don't know what was right but I cannot have him starving. As far as everything else, his drooling had reached a new level (and it was already bad). It drive him crazy. Of course my fear is aspiration. His walking had pretty much ceased. So, remember I said there was a little good news. Well, we went back to the neuro and I was half expecting him to take him off meds because he is on high doses as it is, but instead he increased his levodopa. I always get nervous with a med or dose change BUT it really seems to have helped! He has been walking quite a bit with his walker and it seems to have at least decreased the drooling (still pretty bad but better.) After the doc left the room, Daddy said go ask him how much time I have left. I hemmed and hawed a little knowing he would say "there is no way to know." By then the doc had disappeared into another room. I know full well, that a fall or a sickness (aspiration or some other) will be what gets him. I just would rather not have the conversation.

By susger8 On 2011.11.11 08:02
That sounds about the same state my dad is in. But - he's been about the same for over a year. Sometimes people stay at a plateau for a surprising length of time. You never know.


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