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By parkinit On 2011.11.15 13:58
Just an update. I had mentioned awhile back in another post that my spouse has been using Neupro (transdermal dopamine agonist) patches. We had tried this several years ago and, in fact, were using them when they were pulled off the U.S. market due to an issue with crystals forming in the patch, this possibly compromising the efficacy of the product.

We found a doctor who would prescribe the patches for us, we order them from a pharmacy online and have been having much success (again) with the patches. My spouse, who was predominantly wheelchair bound is now able to get up and work in the yard for a few hours every day. It has been probably a year since he has been able to do this. Maybe this is "borrowed time," but my spouse is so enjoying this resurgence of mobility and energy.

Just a side-note: Neupro is in the same family as Requip and Mirapex, so if intolerable side effects were apparent with these drugs, it will likely be apparent with Neupro as well.

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