For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LOHENGR1N On 2011.11.20 00:22
Hi, just a catch Ya up to anyone interested. It's been a couple of months since I came back home with My new Service Dog Tess (Tessa). She's a great dog and we're getting used to each other more every day. My old service dog Squire passed in early January and it was a long time waiting for Tess. Squire was a Shepherd/Collie mix, Tess is a Great Dane so I've had to adjust too. She's 18 months old and I guess they're not considered fully grown adults until 3 years of age so She's still going to grow a little more. Being a young dog and not used to working with Me at times we had our mix ups but all in all I couldn't complain about her. In fact the other day I got a no worries message from her and now know everything is going to be great! We were in the checkout line of a department store, it was crowded and after so many people ohing and ahing over her and asking about her, plus it was almost time for my next dose of med's I was frazzled, crashing (med's had cut out and I was trying to hold it together and get out of the store). As we inched along in line Tess kept turning facing back and I wanting to get out of there kept turning her back around. (She is so calm and composed the picture of a regal dane) I kept telling her to behave and turn around, then it happened, I bent down a little and whispered Tess....before I could say anything else She raised her head and planted a kiss right on my face! Looking in her eyes I read, (sensed?) Calm down I've got it, I'll handle this. I smiled and said well thank you Tess! The clerk told me my total I paid, Tess swung around tucked in close to me (for extra support?) and We strolled out of the store. That was the defining moment so far for me folks, Tess wasn't the learning puppy anymore She is My Service Dog! Able to handle situations calmly, competently and under control even if I'm struggling at the time! I knew We were melding into a great team but that moment, that simple lick on the face spoke volumes. It might just be Me but since that day She holds Her head a little higher,steps a bit prouder and seems to exude an attitude? sense? aura? a I'm here, I know My job, We'll be fine, I will watch over You and help You. We're a team, I'm here for a purpose and you're a pretty good boss to work for.

I don't know I just thought I'd brag a little about Tess, with this disease so little good comes about that I wanted to share it with you. Hope You all have a good night. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By karolinakitty On 2011.11.20 08:25
Glad to hear it Al.....she's such a charming looking dog and I'm glad that the two of you have had that deeper connection now......

By buddy On 2011.11.20 10:42
Oh! What a good story...great dane's will bond very closely with their "people", so she sounds like a perfect partner for you.

By sunshine On 2011.11.20 12:49
What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. I/we love animals and live in a condo. Just very recently tried to change our bylaws to allow pets in our building. They could be such a great addition for all. My hubby loves dogs and cats and even though the bylaw wasn't passed this time, I think your story has inspired me to try again
Could you perhaps keep sharing your stories with us Al. It is so heartwarming to share life with a pet/service animal and I'd love to hear more from you. A warm hug to you and Tess. Thank you again.:)

By Reflection On 2011.11.21 08:54
Thank you for sharing this. I'm glad you have Tess to support you - in all ways.

By sannph On 2011.11.21 22:19
Thank you for sharing! I was just thinking about you a few days ago and wondering how it was going with your new service dog. What a beautiful way to end my day--reading something uplifting!

By plcpainter On 2011.11.22 21:48
As the owner of both a dog and ponies, I have to say that I am constantly amazed how brilliant and intuitive they are! It is almost magical when the human and the animal team are working with complete synergy. MAGIC!!!

By parkinit On 2011.11.23 12:06
Awww, Al. Such a wonderful, uplifting story. We need to see more of that. I'm so glad you took the time to share. I used to own a part lab part Great Dane and he was the best dog I've every owned.

Hugs to both you and Tess for brightening my day!

By Michele On 2011.11.28 19:30
Hi Al, I'm glad you shared this with us! Thanks!

By Judy On 2011.12.20 17:57
Hi Al, I am new to this site. My husband was diagnosed 3 years ago and has since stopped working. Our dog Tucker passed away a few months ago, and we right away went out and adopted Gus...who is a schnauzer mix. What a comfort to know that when I am at work, only five minutes away, but still, that Gus is there to keep him company. We too live in a condo and the owner was reluctant to lease to anyone with an animal. After he met my husband he agreed that we could have a dog..Tucker was 40 pounds, and Gus is only 22. They are great together. I think the day may come when my husband may need a service dog, but for now he has me and Gus...could be worse, huh. Do love reading your stories, please continue send them.

Warms wishes at this holiday time.

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