For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By belen webb On 2011.11.23 14:54
lohengrin,karolinakitty & parkinit thankyou guys i feel so welcome in this support group,today my husband have a goodday so far .were metting my sister inlaw from wyoming and were going to lunch and feel good,but you know guys sometimes pd change there behavior they are good today and tomorrow different behavior,sometimes i think im going first before my husband becouse im stress when he change but i try to understand i just have to find a way how not to worried if im stress i have this heavy chest felling but not hurt just heavy like im carying heavy stuff i dont know maybe its nothing ,i just have to take it ez .we keep saying to each other we love each other we can bit this pd our love will stand still sometimes we laugh i guess thats all we can do for now.thankyou guys your all in my rosary prayer always,and today is my 1st day novena for my father 9days novena prayer for my fathers death anniversary this coming dec.1st he passed away 3yrs this dec.1st,i have my mother with us shes 72 yrs old shes okay but shes not getting younger and i know i am her caregiver too,so wish me luck guys i will be healthy always,have a happy thankgiving godbless us all.

By karolinakitty On 2011.11.23 21:05
Belen.... the heaviness in your chest could be a panic attack....I used to have those... i found out that caffeine had a lot to do with them... i had too much caffeine in me so when i stressed it truly felt like I was having a heart attack...i even had a procedure called a cauterization the doc wanted to make sure....since I cut out all caffeine i don't have that problem....I don't drink anything that has caffeine and i limit my intake of all might try that before seeing a doctor.....

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