For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By parkinit On 2011.12.01 20:04
In light of recent postings, I would just like to stress to everyone (including myself), that we need to uplift one another when we can, be supportive, if possible, offer helpful suggestions (of which this site abounds in), politely disagree and offer another view, or simply do not post. If the written words spoken are not to help, uplift or encourage one another, what good are we doing?

Yes, we can politely disagree, and I've seen this done here. We all have opinions and differences, but let's all try to keep a civil, caring, respectful tone.


By sunshine On 2011.12.01 20:32
Such a great reminder from a place of caring and compassion for all.
Thank you! :)

By karolinakitty On 2011.12.01 20:59
I know this is directed at my guy, and that is fine....
In the 3 or so years I have been posting I have got ripped at a lot harder than that and stood my ground. I have tried to educate and support where I thought I could and told it like it was when I couldn't. I defended others in their positions when I was one of maybe 3 who thought the same.

Whether a post is right, wrong or indifferent it is a post. Many times I have avoided answering due to the harshness i had been served with, so we have all had our days. I am into educating those unaware. Just recently i have come across several locally who were given diagnosis, handed drugs and basically set out on their own. So sad....but that's where it's at these days it that is where I will be...Educating those who choose to learn and choose to learn how to deal with things in a different way. I have felt even before this incident with my guy that my time here was coming to an end. It seemed the more I tried to educate the more I was set aside or ignored....

There is no dementia with my guy anymore and the comments to such just showed that all the posts I did on dementia did absolutely no good and fell on deaf ears...

Good Luck to all of you in your walk with this disease.....both patient and caregiver....

By mylove On 2011.12.01 21:14
KK - I hope you DON'T leave. You have the will and the time and the fortitude to stick it out and fight for answers when many of us don't, but we all benefit when we learn something new.

I think there are times and places for ALL kinds of posts, from the ones needing a pat on the back to the ones needing a nudge in the right direction. I think that's what this forum IS all about.

Life's like a box of chocolates - except it would be really boring if you knew what you was gonna get because it was filled with only one kind of people. We need everyone, otherwise the disease wins and we lose.

PS - ever noticed that this board (and really - everyplace else - I know OUR life is crazy right now) seems to blow up around the holidays? We are all operating under additional stress, and it seems like winter's just the trigger for additional problems and backslides. I say we just give each other an extra 'grain of salt' around this time of year.

By chroop67 On 2011.12.01 21:45
I have only just started to post here and I need a place that is more than just 'sunshine and butterflies'. I appreciate all posts even the ones that disagree with mine. We are all entitled to our opinion. Support forums should be the one place where we can air the 'uncensored'.

By parkinit On 2011.12.03 15:14
KK - I have learned from you and information is helpful. I can say that personally, from me.

Perhaps, in light of the fact that we are caregivers and deal with enough throughout our days, perhaps in light of the season, perhaps in light of the fact that I need some kindness myself and feel I need to be kinder to others - this is why I posted.

I do believe we have the right to disagree, correct one another, and share our vast (speaking of all posters here) knowledge of this horrible disease. This place is one where we may visit to get the raw truth about Parkinson's. I so appreciate that fact that I'm hearing straight from the caregivers' mouths of what they are facing day in and day out.

I wish no one to be upset because all I ask of others (and myself, please note) is some kindness and respect.

By poppadum On 2011.12.04 07:10
KK, having read your postings for quite some time now it's probably normal that I have formed a mental image of you (and others of course). I have the distinct impression that you have a vast knowledge and a logical mind which you are prepared to share liberally with anyone, although you don't hve to. Nevertheless you are prepared to go through the effort. I for one appreciate this immensely and have benefited many a time!

We are all people, and no human is perfect. We are allowed, even supposed to be fallible.
I always picture people (usually children because I love working with them), including myself, as "furniture without doors or drawers": one cannot put the things in them that one wants them to contain. At the same time furniture is not expected to fill itself. Therefore I have to go with the contents that are already there, mainly "mentally" trying to rearrange or add. If the "contents" are pretty poor I think it's a pity for that particular "furniture", rather than getting angry over the lack of what I would want it to contain. It's not their fault they're like that, and neither is it mine. A long time ago it stopped me from feeling hatred because that nearly made me self-destruct, and nowadays it limits a lot of avoidable anger.

Here's another thought: suppose someone asks a group of people to think of the colour "blue"... No 2 people will think of the same kind of blue. One will think 'aqua', another 'royal blue' or 'azure' etc. The same thing happens with words. The person using the words will know exactly what he/she means but nobody hearing or reading these words, will "feel" them in exactly the same way. they can be perceived positively or negatively and that's up to the listener/reader. In order to judge them the way they were intended, one would have to have walked at least a mile in the shoes of the user.

By Marie On 2011.12.04 18:54
KK, Please keep posting, I enjoy your knowledge of this awful disease. Its so good to hear from someone like you, someone that really knows what there talking about. Please keep it up. Thanks so much

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