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By chroop67 On 2011.12.05 22:21
Anyone have any experience with medicinal marijuana as a treatment for PD anxiety???? My mom is on celexa, rivotril, lopressor, seroquel, effexor and ativan for anxiety/depression. We are seeing the neurologist on Wednesday and I would like to drastically reduce her meds as i think it is way too many and they may be causing unwanted side affects. She is on WAYYYYY too many meds, I am also going to request a reduction in her sinemet to help alleviate some of the dementia. Thoughts???????

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.12.06 00:21
chroop67, I don't have any experience with medical marijuana. I'd question all that medication for the anxiety and depression myself. Sometimes we end up taking medication to deal with side-effects of medication we're on and end up just adding more and more doing more harm than good.

Again I'm not picking on or singling out any one I'm trying to explain some terms used by many and what ramifications these terms have. I do have "thoughts" on the Sinemet reduction to alleviate some of the dementia? Sinemet doesn't cause dementia. It can be a source of delusions in some. Dementia is a tricky term, dementia is often misdiagnosed and once that label is attached it sticks! Delusions can be treated successfully where as dementia is slowly progressive and there is no cure. To many dementia is a vague term but implications of a diagnosis are huge. Once diagnosed to the medical field the patient is looked at as unreliable to convey problems and give sound input as to condition. Legal field they are not capable of sound judgment in handling affairs or money. Also some people refer to patients as having mild or a little dementia which is equivalent to saying one has mild or a little cancer. Okay I'm off this soap box too now. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By mylove On 2011.12.06 10:48
Just a random observation, but - the drug I was talking about in my earlier post about my daughter, that caused the horrific anxiety and panic attacks, is Celexa. I know it's supposed to be great, but as with any other drug, it doesn't work the same way for everyone. Have they tried any other SSRI or is this the first one?

One of the other complaints my daughter has is that it gives her racing thoughts, crying spells, and an inability to eat. In a relatively normal healthy girl, this particular med has induced a mixed state. I'm wondering how Celexa 'plays in the sandbox' with all the other drugs your mom is taking when it seems to have caused so much trouble for us with no other drugs on board. Could be the furthest thing from the truth for your mom - I'm just throwing it out there as an item to look at.

By poppadum On 2011.12.06 13:50
Hi, no experience with medical marijuana here, but I heard on the grapevine that it is sometimes prescribed by some doctors in The Netherlands. I'll see if I can google for some decent information because most of it is likely to be in Dutch. No problem to translate as I am Flemish which is as much like Dutch as UK English is like US English. If I find anything in English I'll post the site here asap.

As for anti-depressants and/or tranquilizers, my general practitioner prescribed me some Efexor 75mg which eventually he upped to 150mg. This did the job for quite some time, but as problems started piling up my thoughts were getting extremely negative. I saw a psychiatrist who added another antidepressant which made me feel like I used to before the depression. I cannot remember the name of it, but it made me put on weight at the rate of 22 lbs/month!! According to my psychiatrist this only occurred 1/1000. She replaced it with Cymbalta 60mg. It took about 2 months to have an effect. It doesn't do the job as well as the previous medicine but I at least I can cope, in the meantime also having been advised to great effect by a psychologist. The psychiatrist follows up results from the medicines and if necessary adjusted.
A friend of mine was prescribed umpteen things for severe depression by her general practitioner. When she consulted a psychiatrist she was taken off the whole list and advised to take one particular kind of anti-depressant with which she is fine.
We were both told that results from each anti-depressant depends very much on how the patient's body reacts to it and that it's all trial and error to find the right kind for each person.

By poppadum On 2011.12.06 14:17
"Medicinal marijuana" as explained on Wikipedia, a Dutch online encyclopedia.
The info consists of 11 A4 size pages.

Translation of the main info:
From 1st September 2003 medicinal use of marijuana has been allowed and can be obtained in a pharmacy by means of a doctor's prescription. Medicinal cannabis can give relief from symptoms (e.g. pain) for the following illnesses:
- multiple sclerosis with serious muscle spasms
- sickness and vomiting due to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and HIV-combinationtherapy
- chronic nerve pains
- Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
- as a painkiller for some treatments of cancer and AIDS
- sleeping problems
- migraine
- glaucoma: reduction of eye pressure.

Other info which I can translate (pls specify choosing from the titles below):
- What is marijuana?
- Types of plants (where they are grown and what the effects are
- How does marijuana work?
- Health risks
-Positive side effects
- Negative side effects
- Recreational use
- Medicinal use (see above)
- History
- Production
(- Legal status of marijuana in The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain)

By poppadum On 2011.12.06 17:21
Silly me just found out Wikipedia has English sites too.

It has more international info than the Dutch version.

By Judy On 2011.12.20 15:35
My husband uses medical marijuana and it really seems to help with his anxiety. He used to take xanax twice a day, and now he only uses this occasionally and at bedtime only. He is on Lexapro 10 mg but that along with his PD meds is all he takes for the anxiety and it really helps.

Hope this helps you.

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