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By dkleinert On 2011.12.13 00:12
My PD spouse has been on Mirapex for 6 years now, and about 4 months ago he began having vivid hallucinations all day long. Some were scary for him and some he could reason away or he would ask me if the person or thing was really there. We talked with his Neuro about it, and Dr. Scott asked him if he would be willing to participate in a new clinical trial for a new drug that was supposed to eliminate the hallucinations associated with PD and meds. Of course, my spouse jumped at the opportunity. This is a double blind study, so neither the doc nor us know if Joe is really on the drug. 3 1/2 weeks into the study (which is 8 weeks long), the hallucinations abruptly stopped! As of today, it has been 3 more weeks, and not even one hallucination. He takes 2 small pills each morning. So there is hope out there for counteracting hallucinations!!! Because participated in the study, and went in for blood work and other tests and interviews every 2 weeks, he will be offered to take the drug for free until it comes out on the market. We are so excited. The drug is from Acadia Pharmaceuticals and the name of the drug is Pimavanserin, 20mg.

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.12.13 00:32
That is great news D! I'm glad it has worked for Him and it brings hope of relief to many suffering from that. Glad We've got some good news posted.

By susger8 On 2011.12.13 07:27
Very interesting! It works on serotonin rather than dopamine as the classical antipsychotics do, so it would be expected not to interfere with the usual medications given for PD. Looks like it's currently in Phase III, so if the studies are successful, it could be on the market within a couple of years.


By dkleinert On 2011.12.13 20:55
Yes - it is really exciting! Joe can't really live without Mirapex, so finding this solution for him and all of those with PD is so awesome! We are in the Phase III study at Duke University Hospital Movement Disorder Clinic. Dr. Burton Scott, Joe's Neuro, is heading the study there. We are interviewed each visit from a different researcher in different parts of the country we are told.

Love to spread good news and HOPE!

Hugs to all of you,

By parkinit On 2011.12.13 22:57
Donna -

So glad to heard your good news and something for us all to look forward to after this new drug is approved.

By xavierlouis On 2012.11.15 02:33 [Edit]
Hi Donna,

I'm a newbie on this site, so please forgive me for going so far back on the message board to look for information!

A close family friend has PD, her diagnosis was about 6 years ago. But she has recently been diagnosed with "psychosis" resulting from PD - visions and disorientation, seemingly similar to what you have described in this post. It sounds awful. She and her husband don't use the internet, so I'm doing some research for them.

Anyway, we're exploring the options for dealing with this development... it's the worst thing they've experienced yet, and they're truly desparate for something. This treatment sounds like an option at least... do you know if volunteers are still being accepted to try this new drug? We're desparate for anything at this point.

Thanks, and thank you all for the wonderfully helpful information I've been able to find so far on this forum.


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