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By LOHENGR1N On 2011.12.13 08:49
I posted before about My service dog Tess and how good she was calming me down with the kiss in the checkout line at the store one day. I was asked if from time to time I would post more about Tess and our "adventures". So here's a quick peak! It averages out that about 50% of the time Tess sleeps on the bed at night and the other she sleeps on the couch in the living room. If She's in the living room she comes in around the time my alarm goes off to make sure I wake up! The other morning She came in (I was awake playing possum going to surprise her! I got the surprise!) I have my Med's in a drawer in the night stand by my bed on top of the stand I have a coffee mug of water to take said Med's with. This cuts down on falls and bouncing off walls trying to get a drink to swallow my pills with. Lying there peaking through the slits of my mostly closed eyes I waited....Tess trotted in right over to the mug and took a couple of laps (a drink) from the mug! TESS?!?!?! I said She turned and gave me a Oh NOW you've got a problem with this? look. Evidently this is routine for Her! You know some things are better off sleeping through and not knowing. Ackkk...ackk, gag, gag. Such is life with Tess never a dull moment! Have a good one folks and watch where you set your water! Take care, best of luck and hang in there!

By LotsaBob On 2011.12.13 15:45
That is cool Al. We have two cats that we call our kids. Ricky and Lucy. They both drink out of my water cup when I'm not looking and when I'm looking. It doesn't bother me any. I've had worse happen to me. It drives Sally up the wall though.

By dkleinert On 2011.12.13 20:57
Al - now that is funny! Got you didn't she! All that dog saliva can't be too bad!!! :)

By sunshine On 2011.12.17 21:15
Awww! ;) Thank you for sharing. I bet you are going to have many moments like this to give you a chuckle now and then. Sounds like Tess is a pretty smart pooch.,,,and you too Al. :)

By Reflection On 2011.12.18 09:08
Todays New York Times Real Estate section has a feature

"What are the 10 dog breeds best suited to life in a New York City apartment?"

Great Danes are on the top ten list of all three experts cited.

The article says:
Mr. Berloni, the theatrical trainer, said Saint Bernards, Great Danes and Irish wolfhounds can be excellent apartment pets. “People are going to think, ‘Oh, it’s cruel to have a big dog in a place where it can’t run free,’ ” he said. “Well, those dogs don’t like running free. They don’t like exercise a whole lot at all.”

Susan Orlean, whose latest book, “Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend,” explores the life of the celebrated German shepherd, said she had known Great Danes to thrive in the city. “They were bred basically to sit next to a king’s throne and look big and intimidating,” she said. “They’re actually very, very mellow dogs.”

I'm loving thinking of a very mellow Tess sitting by your throne (recliner?) looking big and intimidating. And occasionally giving you a lick.

I'm so glad you have Tess, and Tess has you.

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.12.18 20:24
Oh Tess has turned into quite the licker! When I first got Her She would wake me up bounding all over the bed stepping on Me and pawing at me! Not conducive to rising in a good mood (her nails are like railroad spikes and the pads on her feet like course sandpaper!). She now reserves that for when I won't get up! (picture a 135 pound two year old child with a fork in their hand waking you up and you'll start to get the image! lol). Now Tess uses kissing me awake mostly, it's hard to be mad at that. You can't be kissed and say thank you Tess in a mad tone! However, if ignored She'll snuggle up to me resting her face next to my ear and breath into my ear or lick my ear both have the same effect! And pleading that tickles just seems to encourage her in it! It's not wise to put your arm up over your ear either as you get a COLD nose or wet lick in the arm pit which really jars the ole eyes open! And when all else fails she reverts to the child with a fork trick! Sigh!

As for lying around looking regal and intimidating? She's got the regal look down at times but She's also got goofy down pat too. She can lay on the couch curled up on one cushion or stretch out with her head resting on one arm and her hind legs on the other arm covering all three cushions. She'll plop her butt anywhere, side of you with her fore legs down and feet on the floor or she's just as likely to plop her butt on your knee or lap and look at you as if to say didn't you want to pet me? The other day I was sitting on the couch at one end and she climbed up on the other end and sat looking at me with her butt perched on the arm of the couch! I had to chuckle at her as She sat there head up trying to look regal!

Yes She's a great Dog and growing into a heck of a service dog but life with her isn't boring by a long shot! Well that's enough chuckles for now, take care, best of luck and hang in there!
p.s. I wouldn't give Her up for the world even if I do complain at times! ;)

By parkinit On 2011.12.19 17:00
Ahhh. Our animals are so special. I recently watched a Nova show about dogs that implied they had been underrated as far as intelligence goes. Of course, we all know dogs are empathetic and that was something that studied as well - kind of the why behind the empathy. Very interesting.

Thanks for sharing your heart warming story, Al!

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