For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By BOCareGiver On 2011.12.21 16:32
My PWP is now pretty much confined to chairs/wheelchairs, and no longer can navigate with a walker or rollator. However, this is a recent development and I think it may be because she is not getting the proper exercise.

Can anyone recommend DVD's for chair exercises geared toward strengthening legs, arms, stamina, etc.? Anything specifically for PD'rs would be ideal, of course.

My PWP has always been keen about exercising with DVD's/tapes, so I think this would be an effective way to motivate her on a daily basis.

By Kathy On 2011.12.21 18:59
Here is a link to David Zid's Parkinson Exercise DVD

David is a personal trainer & works with PWP with great success. His exercises are easy to do. We've seen David at several Parkinson's events & he is awesome. Good luck. You are fortunate you PWP is willing to exercise - mine will not.

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